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What You Need to Know About Medicare in 2017

As the new year approaches, seniors across the country are preparing for possible changes to their Medicare benefits in 2017. Virtually every new year comes with new rules for benefits, particularly in regards to the cost of premiums and deductibles, and 2017 will be no different. To be sure that you’re ready for the changes to Medicare that will take place in the coming year, it’s important that you learn as much about the new rules as possible.

Learn about the Medicare changes 2017 you should prepare for as a recipient and find out how advice from an attorney is important in protecting yourself.


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Staying on Top of Your Health Care in 2017

When it’s almost time for the year to change, many of us start planning our resolutions for personal improvement and empowerment. Although there are a lot of things you could do in 2017 to improve your life, the most important New Year’s Resolution for seniors across the country should be to finally take control of their healthcare. Senior care is very important, and if you’re not proactive, it can be easy to miss out on the care that you need and deserve.

Here are tips for controlling your healthcare in 2017, including getting representation from an attorney that understands the needs of seniors like you.


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Are You Eligible for the Veteran Aid and Attendance Pension?

There are a ton of resources available to our returning veterans, especially those of senior age and their spouses. Unfortunately, many of these are not widely known and it can be confusing to find them. Among these aids are those that are specifically designed to help with the expenses of assisted living when basic daily tasks are too difficult to accomplish on your own.


How to Balance a Family Member’s Independence and Safety

We have a responsibility to our senior relatives to make sure that they are safe in their elder years. The question that many people face is how to fulfill this responsibility while still allowing their relatives to remain independent. Read some tips and advice balancing senior safety and independence for your elder loved ones, and how an elder law attorney can help.


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Long Distance Care for an Aging Parent in Another State

It’s actually unusual these days for entire families to live in the same neighborhood, town or even city or state. As more people move away from their hometown, the issue of caring for parents in other areas becomes ever more common.

When parents who live in other cities or other states start to show signs that […]

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Caregiver Benefits: Receiving Help for Caring for Elder Parents

Let’s be honest: it’s really difficult and stressful acting as a caregiver for elderly parents. There is absolutely no shame in admitting this. It takes a lot of time out of your life, it can make work difficult and it can sometimes make it very hard to fulfill your own responsibilities.


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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

We all know how tough winter weather can be in terms of getting where you want to go safely, but consider how much harder it is for older people. Slippery sidewalks that can cause a fall can result in much more than just a bruise for the senior. Read some winter safety tips for seniors that can keep you healthy and well this winter season, and where you can find help if you do suffer an injury.


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Estate Planning Steps for Blended Families in Ohio

Till Death Do You Part: Steps Blended Family Spouses Must Take to Avoid Future Heartache
Joe and Martha Dunn were in their 60’s when they met, fell in love, and eventually married.  Both believed they’d spend the rest of their lives together, and they did.   It was the second marriage for each.  Joe and Martha’s children […]

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Protecting Your Senior Loved One from Scams

The sheer idea that someone would take advantage of a senior citizen to steal from or otherwise harm them is unthinkable, and yet it happens far too often. Seniors, in fact, are prime targets for scammers, as they tend to be more trusting than younger people and less knowledgeable in the ways of the information age.


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Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living

Over 15 million people across the nation devote their lives to caring for loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The cost of being a caregiver is high, and not just in terms of monetary expenditures. The emotional, physical and mental burden is a great deal to bear, and it can cause illness in the caregiver as well.


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