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Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning for retirement is something that is easier the earlier you start, and even then it is easy to make mistakes. After all, you need to make sure that you have enough money for yourself, and possibly your spouse, to last you for the rest of your lives.

That is why it is important to avoid […]

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Avoid These Costly Social Security Mistakes

Planning for retirement is tricky. If social security is going to figure into your retirement plan, and it should, then you need to make sure that you avoid making common mistakes. The Social Security program is complicated and has many rules that can be easy to miss or misunderstand. Here are some of the more common mistakes that you can make when it comes to social security and retirement.



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Putting Your Best Foot Forward for a Wonderful Cause

Anyone who knows me and who has worked with me knows that I am never one to shy away from helping out for a great cause.  My family and I have been part of the Parma community for decades; I was born here, I went to school here and it’s the hard working members of […]

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Signs your Elderly Loved Ones Need Financial Help

Think of what causes you the most stress in life…finances are probably at the top of the list. As people age, finances can become more and more difficult to manage…particularly as the rigors of age set in.

While many elderly folks struggle with finances, they may not want to admit it to their kids or other loved ones and care givers. This means that you need to be on the lookout for signs that they are no longer able to handle their finances on their own.

Here are some things to look out for, which might be indications your parents or elderly loved ones need help with their finances.



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Help Keep your Parents Safe from Scammers

It is an unfortunate fact of life in our time that scammers are everywhere.

Think about the amount of emails that you get from “Nigerian princes” alone. While the seasoned vets can probably spot a scammer from a few hundred yards away, it isn’t so simple for your parents or elderly loved ones. That is why they might need your help.

Here are some things that you can do for your parents, including hiring an elder law attorney, to help to keep them safe from scammers.



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How to Have the Money Talk with Aging Seniors

The last thing you want to do is sit your parents or elderly loved ones down and tell them how to spend their money. After all, they are probably the ones who taught you how it was done in the first place.
As people get older they may begin to have trouble balancing their budgets. Working on a fixed income is different than working out a budget when there is a working income. Many seniors don’t know how to adjust properly and can find themselves in need of assistance.

Here are some ways to approach the subject with your parents or elderly loved ones.


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The Necessities of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a subject that many people avoid talking about. Nobody wants to think about the end of their life or no longer being around. While it is going to happen to everyone, people don’t want to admit it is going to happen to them.

Unfortunately this means that many people do not have the proper estate plan in place for when the inevitable happens. This can lead to messy legal battles, bill collectors and more stress on an emotionally compromised family. Here are some of the necessary things for every estate plan.



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Do You Know the Signs of Elder Abuse?

It may be hard to believe but many elder folk suffer abuse at the hands of the people who are supposed to be caring for them. Issues can develop if your elderly loved one cannot communicate the abuse that is taking place to you. Many might not even realize that they are being abused.

Keep watch vigilantly for your loved ones. Look for these signs that may be an indication elder abuse is taking place.



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The Basics of Aging in Place

Aging in place is a great alternative for you or your elderly loved ones. It is a great alternative to elder care facilities in that it is much less expensive and puts less of a drain on what may be limited retirement funds.

It also allows you, or your elderly loved one, to remain in surroundings that are familiar to them and not have their life thrown into the upheaval that a move can cause.
In order for aging in place to work there are some things that are necessary. The CDC defines this as “…the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently and comfortably.” In order to do that, the home must be able to accommodate the needs of someone who might have special needs or limited mobility.

Here are the basics that are needed for aging in place to work.


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Trust Your Elder Law Attorney to Help You Qualify for Medicaid

It is never too late to start planning for the worst. Even if you or your elderly loved one is already in an assisted care facility, you can still work to protect their remaining assets.With the proper planning and the right elder law attorney, there are lots of ways that you can protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid to help pay the incredibly high costs of assisted living or nursing home care.


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