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Having the Nursing Home Discussion

It is never easy making the decision to move an elderly loved one into a nursing home. Usually the decision comes after all of the other options seem to have been tried and are no longer viable.


Helping Elderly Loved ones With Finances

As we age we lose the ability to do things we were once able to do. While many times these are physical things, mental impairment can also happen. This might place an elderly person in a situation where they are no longer able to handle their own personal finance and need help from an elder law attorney.


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What to Do About Abuse of Power of Attorney

Choosing a power of attorney is an important part of every estate plan. The person who is granted power of attorney has the ability to speak for an elderly person who has given them that right. This means in financial, medical and most legal matters.


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Tips to Maximize your Social Security Benefits

Many seniors depend on Social Security benefits as their main source of income. Unfortunately they may not be maximizing the benefits that are available to them. There are plenty of ways to increase your social security benefits. Make sure you and your spouse are getting the most out of social security.


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Where to Begin With Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease

Unfortunately Alzheimer’s disease is something that a large number of elderly and families with elderly loved ones must face. While the focus of discussions after diagnosis often focuses on treatment, one area that is often avoided is the financial aspect of the disease.  


How Close are You to Retirement

You may think that you have time before you retire. Odds are it is much closer than you think. While it is never too early to start thinking about retirement, the closer you get to that time, the more critical your decisions can be and the larger effect they can have on your overall retirement plan.


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Estate Planning Food for Thought

Looking to work on your estate plan? It always helps to have an idea of what it is you would like to accomplish with your estate plan before you head into to your elder law attorney’s office. It helps to drive the conversation as well as provide a direction for your estate plan to proceed in. Here are some things you should write down or think about before you start working with your elder law attorney on your estate plan.


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Making an Estate Plan for the Blended Family

Estate planning can be complicated for anyone. If you have a non-traditional or blended family, it can be even more complicated. A blended family adds additional emotional, legal and logistical challenges to estate planning.

Fortunately you can avoid issues by taking some steps to ensure that the right protective measures are in place. If you’re confused about how to handle your estate plan, here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your future, no matter what your family situation.


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Caring for The Caregiver

Caring for an elderly loved one is something that many of us may face in our lifetime. If you are needed to provide care for an elderly loved one, then you may find that it impacts your available time, resources and finances.

It is possible to continue working and keep your job as you care for an elderly loved one, in order to meet your financial and personal obligations. Hiring a qualified caregiver is an option that many people find to be extremely helpful. Here are some tips for ensuring that your caregiver has the resources that they need.


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What Can Happen Without a Will

Many people think that they simply “don’t have enough to bother with a will.” That couldn’t be further from the truth.

First, many people grossly underestimate the amount that their estate might be worth. Secondly, even with a small estate, there are many problems that you can run into if you don’t have a will. Here are some of the more common problems that are easily avoided by simply setting up a will and an estate plan.


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