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Benefits of a Geriatric Care Manager

You may be considering hiring a geriatric care manager to assist you in caring for an elderly loved one. This can be a great option if funds are available and can support this kind of expert. Here are some of the benefits of a geriatric care manager.

Be a Voice in Your Absence

While you try to be […]

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Prescription Drug Formularies

No matter where you get your prescription drug coverage, you need to be aware of your plan’s prescription drug formulary. The formulary is a detailed list of drugs that are covered by your plan. If you aren’t familiar with the formulary you may be surprised at the amount of copays that you are responsible for […]

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Time Away From Nursing Homes

Many seniors and their loved ones are afraid that if they spend any amount of time away from nursing homes, they will lose their Medicare benefits. Many times this means that families with elderly loved ones don’t spend as much time with them as they would like for fear of losing their coverage for the […]

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Costs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease that currently affects about 35 million people. A recent report detailed the expectation that costs associated with Alzheimer’s may triple by the year 2050 if no cure for the disease is found. Nearly all victims of Alzheimer’s will have need of some form of long term care.

The average length of […]

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Understanding HIPPA

In recent years you may have noticed that when you or your loved one heads to a doctor’s office, they may be asked to sign a HIPPA form. Quite often these forms are presented with little or no explanation as to what they are. Just what is HIPPA and what purpose do these forms serve?
Health […]

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What is a Probate Estate?

Setting up a will to have your or your loved one’s estate distributed to your heirs is the best way to ensure that possessions are left to the people that you or your loved one wants to have them. Just what constitutes an estate, and when will an estate need to be probated in order […]

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Under Observation Vs. Admitted

When your elderly loved one goes to the hospital, they will be given a status. What that status is can have an adverse effect on what Medicare will cover as far as nursing home rehab after the hospital visit is complete. May hospitals are admitting more patients for observation instead of admitting them directly into […]

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Home Health Care Basics

Letting your elderly loved one stay in their own home can be a great decision for them. It keeps them in an environment that they are familiar with and allows them to retain some of their freedom. Despite these advantages, your elderly loved one may require some assistance in order to remain in their own […]

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Talking With Family Members About the Importance of Estate Planning

Having the proper legal documents drawn up for your parents or other elderly loved ones is more important the older they get. Having these conversations while they are in full possession of their mental faculties makes planning easier, but not the conversation. Nobody likes talking about the inevitable, however there are ways to encourage your […]

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Avoiding Scams That Take Advantage of the Elderly

There are a lot of unscrupulous people who look to take advantage of anyone out there. The elderly can be particularly vulnerable to scammers who seek to take advantage of them by stealing their identities as well as stealing money outright. Being aware of the most common types of scams that can be run on […]

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Think Twice About Filing Early for Social Security

Understanding how social security benefits work is important for any seniors who are considering retirement. Taking an early retirement and starting to collect social security early has consequences that many retirees are not aware of when they do it. The most costly can be the reduction of monthly payments made when early retirement is taken.
The […]

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