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Benefits of a Geriatric Care Manager

You may be considering hiring a geriatric care manager to assist you in caring for an elderly loved one. This can be a great option if funds are available and can support this kind of expert. Here are some of the benefits of a geriatric care manager.

Be a Voice in Your Absence

While you try to be […]

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Tips for Diminished or Lost Vision

As people age, one of the senses that may dull the most is sight. This can be particularly true with diseases that cause or accelerate conditions, like macular degeneration. Other causes, such as glaucoma and cataracts, can also diminish an elderly person’s ability to see. Here are some tips for helping an elderly loved one […]

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Keeping Safe at Home

If you have chosen to help an elderly love one continue to live at home instead of moving them to a care facility, you may worry about their safety. Here are a few tips for keeping safe at home.

Keep the temperature on the water heater down. This can help to prevent scalding, or in the […]

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Tips for Moving Into a New Home

When it comes time to move an elderly loved one from a home they are very familiar with to a new one that matches the level of care they need, it might be a frightening or confusing experience for them. Here are some tips to help ease the transition for them and assist them in […]

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Signs It Might Be Time to Give Up the Keys

How do you know when it is time for an elderly loved one to stop driving themselves? Here are some signs that it might be time to give up the keys and look into alternate methods of transportation for them.
Do You Feel Safe As a Passenger
The first question to ask yourself is if you would […]

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Is it Safe to Drive?

Driving is a major source of a person’s independence. It might be difficult for an elderly loved one to realize when it is just not safe for them to be behind the wheel any longer. Many of us with elderly loved ones face the challenge of trying to get this message across. Here are some […]

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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Caring for an elderly loved one can take a lot of time and effort. While you strive to be there as much as possible for your loved one, it might not always be possible due to the demands of your own life. This is where a geriatric care manager might be able to help out.
What […]

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Preventing Issues with Medication

Medications are a lifeline for the elderly. Having the wrong or missed dosages, or even taking too much of a certain medication can cause serious issues. Here are some tips for keeping you or your loved ones on track and preventing issues with medication.
Large Print Labels
Reading glasses are must as everyone ages. This means not […]

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Passing on Debt

A common question many seniors and their families have is if parental debt can be passed to adult children. The short answer to that question is no, as long as the adult children did not co-sign for the debt. Wanting to take care of the debt is understandable however. So here are some thing’s to […]

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Avoid Auto Pilot on Your Retirement Plan

The temptation to let all of your finances run themselves can be high after retirement. Fact of the matter is, you should never let your finances run on autopilot. Even if you think they are safe from market fluctuations or financial crisis, maybe your money is not doing all it can for you or your retired […]

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