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Informal vs. Formal Caregivers

Care given to the elderly can take many forms. Two of the most common types are formal and informal. What is the difference between the two? Which one is appropriate and when? Let’s take a look.


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Financial Aid for Home Health Care

Home health care is a great way to keep seniors in a familiar surrounding while they age. The problem is, it can be very expensive depending on the type of care that is needed for them. While many people think that Medicare will cover it, the truth is that you may have to seek out other ways to fund home health care.


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Fall and Pre-Winter Checks for Elderly Aging in Place

Nights are shorter, the weather is getting cooler and the holidays are approaching. Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching. If you have an elderly loved one aging in place then you may need to help them get ready for the coming winter. Here are some fall and pre-winter checks for their home.


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Too Much Income to Qualify for Medicaid

Are you making too much to qualify for Medicaid? It may seem odd, but this can be a situation many seniors find themselves in if they have invested wisely and are living off of the interest that their investments provide. There are some ways that you can reduce your income in order to qualify for Medicaid help for long-term care.


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Home Care Payment Options

While programs like Medicare do not cover home care, and you or your elderly loved one may not qualify for Medicaid, there are some ways that you can fund home care using your own resources. Here are some ways that you can pay for home care out of the financial resources you have.


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Why an Inventory of Your Assets is Important for Long-Term Care Planning Purposes

Why create an inventory of your assets for long-term care planning?
Often we go to the doctor saying, “I feel fine.” However as you are aware the doctor doesn’t take your word for it, rather the doctor will do a blood workup to see if he agrees with your assessment that you are fine.

Likewise, the equivalent […]

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Do I need a Medicaid Planner?

Considering hiring a Medicaid planner? What is a Medicaid planner and what do they do for you? Before you hire one, you should know what they do and how they can assist you and your family.


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Where to find Help with Financial Planning for Home Care

Looking for help in planning out your finances for you or a loved one? Home care can be very expensive. Since the majority of people don’t qualify for aid (fully or otherwise) you may be seeking some assistance in planning the finances to cover the costs. Here are some places to look.


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When to Work with a Medicaid Planner

Thinking of hiring a financial or Medicaid planner? While you may be considering it, it can be difficult to know if the services are really needed or not. Here are some ways to know that you may need some assistance in your planning.


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Paying for Long Term Care

If you or an elderly loved one is about to have to move into long term care, you may be wondering how you can pay for it or who is responsible. Many people mistakenly think that the cost of long term care is covered by their insurance. Sometimes this is true, but it not always a given. Here are some of the parties that are responsible for paying for long term care.


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