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Benefits of a Geriatric Care Manager

You may be considering hiring a geriatric care manager to assist you in caring for an elderly loved one. This can be a great option if funds are available and can support this kind of expert. Here are some of the benefits of a geriatric care manager.

Be a Voice in Your Absence

While you try to be […]

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Medicare Fee Help

Many people assume that Medicare is free; it is not. There are fees for service, premiums, deductibles and other costs that are associated with Medicare. If you fall into the gap where you do not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford all of the Medicare premiums, there might be some help for you.
Qualifying for Programs
Since […]

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Home Care with Medicare Benefits

Elderly or retired recipients of Medicare are able to use their benefits to pay for home health care. There are some requirements that must be met, but if you qualify you are able to receive skilled home care instead of going to a nursing home or other assisted care facility
How to Qualify
There are some restrictions […]

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Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?

You have probably been told from the time you have started working that it is never to early to save for retirement. With all the options available, finding a place to put money for the future is easy. Is too much being put away though?
The 80 Percent Rule
The 80 percent rule says that between social […]

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Does Medicaid Count my IRA

If you or an elderly loved one has an IRA you might be wondering if the amount in the IRA counts as an asset when considering eligibility for Medicaid. The answer can depend on a few factors, as well as what state you reside in. […]

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Differences Between an IRA and a 401k

If you have done any retirement planning at all you have run across both of these terms. While they sometimes can seem interchangeable, there are some very distinct differences between a 401k and an IRA.
Employer vs. Individual
The main difference between a 401k and an IRA is who sets them up. An IRA is an individual […]

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Planning for Mid and Late Retirement

Experts say that mid retirement begins around age 70. This means that on the average, you have been retired for 5 or so years and have a good handle on how your retirement is progressing. Obviously if you waited until your 70’s to retire, this period may have shifted for you a bit. Planning out […]

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Managing the Early Part of your Retirement

Experts define early retirement as the years from when you retire until you are 70. Of course, if you do not retire until you are 70 or more, then these steps can apply to you as well. Now that you have been retired for a year or two, you should be able to do some […]

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How to Use Your Retirement Money

When it is time to shift from being employed to a retiree, all of that saving that was done needs to come into play. There are some things to remember as your savings are now going to be the primary source, and way to generate, income.
Watch Your Retirement Withdrawal Tax Rates
Depending on how you have […]

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Will Your Life Insurance Increase Your Inheritance Tax?

Having the assets you worked hard in life to acquire pass on to whom you wish they go, and not the government, then you need to know exactly what is going to be considered part of your estate. You may not realize it, but your life insurance policies can be considered part of your estate […]

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Administering an Estate

If you have been named the executor of the estate of a loved one you may be wondering what responsibilities may fall to you should your loved one pass. Here are some of the things to expect if you are appointed the executor of a will.
First: Take Your Time
There is no hurry in administering a […]

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