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How to Avoid Financial Troubles from Medical Bills

The cost of healthcare keeps rising. If you are a senior, then this can be even more troublesome. As you age, you need more medical care than you have previously in your life. Some statistics say that as high as three in five bankruptcies are due to people being overwhelmed with medical bills. Fortunately, there are plenty of factors that you can control to prevent this from happening. Here are a few of the things that you can do to avoid financial issues due to medical bills.


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The Dangers of Holding Joint Assets

Do you have assets that are held jointly by you and your spouse? You may have done this in order to protect those assets for one of you should something happen to the other. It is true that jointly held assets are not subject to probate. Creditors that are owed by only one spouse cannot reach the assets that are jointly held by both.

There are some dangers that exist in joint ownership of assets, as well other issues concerning elder law. You should be aware of these potential pitfalls before making a decision to put large assets in both of your names.


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The Risks of Receiving In-Home Care

It’s only natural that we seek out the comforts of home, no matter the circumstances.  We feel safe in familiar surroundings.  Nowhere is this more evident than as age and begin to suffer from the effects of the aging process.  We may not move around as well, and suffer from a variety of physical ailments.  […]

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Being Mentally Prepared for an Estate Plan Conference

You’ve suddenly realized that you need to have an estate plan. We all know that nobody really wants to think about what is going to happen when they are too sick to make decisions for themselves—or when they are gone. That can make estate planning stressful and frustrating, but it does not have to be that way.

If you take some time to mentally prepare and get into the right state of mind, you can find an estate planning conference a transformative experience that can ease a burden for your future.


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Paying for Home Care

Aging in place is a great option for seniors. They are able to stay at home in an environment that they are familiar with while still receiving the care that they need. Unfortunately, home care can be very expensive, particularly if there is full time or even daily visits from health care professionals. When the bills come, here are some of the options that seniors have to assist them in paying for in-home care.


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Can I Use Medicaid for My Home Care?

Aging in place is a wonderful way to keep seniors in a familiar environment while still making sure to take care of their needs. Certain medical needs will require care from medical professionals, which can be expensive depending on the level of care needed. Even if specific medical care isn’t needed, seniors often lose the ability to take care of everyday activities like cooking, cleaning or bathing.

All of this care requires funding. The only funding that might be available for the seniors who need it is Medicaid. Can Medicaid be used to pay for these services?


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What Can You Do if Your Medicaid Application Is Denied?

Medicaid is a need-based government program that provides financial support for seniors in need of long term care. That care can take the form of in-home care, long term care facilities, hospices or nursing homes. There are many restrictions on who can qualify for Medicaid programs, and they vary widely from state to state.


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What Are My Duties as an Executor?

Has an elderly loved one asked you to be the executor of their will? The executor of a will has a large responsibility, and before committing to the role, you may be wondering just what responsibilities are required after a loved one passes away. Here are the basic things an executor will have to do […]

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Moving into a New Retirement Community or Long Term Care Facility

Are you or an elderly loved one moving into a new home soon? Moving into a retirement community or long term care facility is probably different than any other move that you have made in your life. It might seem like you or your loved one will never adjust, but there are some things that […]

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What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

There are a wide range of options for elderly people looking for a residence that can handle their specific needs. One option that you or an elderly loved one may be interested in is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). CCRCs offer benefits that personal care homes or other residences that provide care don’t offer. […]

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