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Financial Products, Your Estate Planning Attorney and You

When people begin planning their estate for late-life or end-of-life needs, they are often bombarded with options for financial products. While your estate planning attorney isn’t strictly a financial advisor and generally doesn’t offer financial products directly, they can play a vital role in helping you decide on the best products for your needs. You [...]

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The Healthcare Debate, Medicare and Medicaid

If you take fifteen seconds to look at social media these days, you’ll see wild predictions of doom and gloom, of hundreds of thousands of people dying in the street without healthcare. You’ll hear people saying Senator John McCain betrayed them by voting to take away their healthcare. The truth is, none of this is [...]

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Modern Issues in Estate Planning

As with just about every aspect of elder law, estate planning issues are constantly evolving and changing. Protecting your assets is more important than ever before. There are issues involving gifts, income taxes, estate transfers, powers of attorney, special needs beneficiaries and more. Making the right choices is essential for not just ensuring that you [...]

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Evolving Issues in Elder Law

There are a skyrocketing number of seniors in the United States. As a result, our retirement institutions are under unprecedented strain. It’s no wonder that many young, millennial and middle-aged people are wondering if there’s going to be anything left for them by the time they reach retirement age, and that so many seniors are [...]

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Estate Planning and Charitable Contributions

Recent developments in estate planning involve major shifts in how the IRS deals with taxable property, gifts, and generation skipping taxes. These new rulings have come down over the past couple of years, and with the current administration in place, it may be likely that we’ll see more changes in policy. Understanding how taxes work [...]

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Estate Planning and the Small Business

Estate planning is essential to making sure your personal assets are protected as you enter your senior years, and that when you pass on, your wishes regarding distribution of those assets are followed. It can avoid probate and protect your heirs from expensive taxes and legal fees. However, your small business may not be included [...]

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Can I Be Evicted from a Nursing Home?

Moving into a nursing home is a stressful and scary thing for a senior citizen. You’re moving out of a home you have had for decades, where your kids grew up, and into a place where someone else is going to be responsible for all your daily needs. Then the worst happens just as you’re [...]

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Major Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Almost everyone looks forward to retirement. We’ve sort of turned it into a legend of living a life of leisure and enjoying our golden years, and in truth, it can be that way. However, there’s a lot of planning and choices to make when you get there, and you’ll want to make sure everything is [...]

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Estate Planning: How to Broach the Subject

Estate planning is an important subject and it’s one that is never too early to consider. Unfortunately, for most people it also involves facing the subject of their own mortality head-on, and nobody likes that. For this reason, the older people get, the less likely they are to be willing to talk about estate planning, [...]

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Why Estate Planning is Vital for Your Future

Everyone has assets, no matter how slight, and there are many ways to protect these assets and ensure that your last wishes are carried out. Learn why estate planning is vital and how a qualified estate planning attorney can play an important role in taking the right steps to protect your assets. The Elements of [...]

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