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Benefits of a Geriatric Care Manager

You may be considering hiring a geriatric care manager to assist you in caring for an elderly loved one. This can be a great option if funds are available and can support this kind of expert. Here are some of the benefits of a geriatric care manager.

Be a Voice in Your Absence

While you try to be […]

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Helping Elderly Loved Ones With Care Costs

There are any number of reasons why you elderly loved ones may not be able to afford care. If they are waiting for benefits to kick in or are simply not able to afford the level of care they need, it may fall on you to help them pay for their care. The prospect can […]

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Affording Assisted Living

Healthcare costs are rising and along with it the costs of assisted living. If you or an elderly loved one needs long term assisted living then you may be concerned about the costs. The good news is that with some planning and research you may be able to minimize your costs and make assisted living […]

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Elderly at Risk for Robocall Scams

It seems that fraud and theft are happening in new places all the time. As technology advances, criminals are finding new and creative ways to take advantage of people. Unfortunately the elderly often fall prey to these scams more easily than others. Informing elderly loved ones about how they can be taken advantage of robocallers […]

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Steps to File a Complaint Against a Care Facility

Nobody wants to face the possibility that their loved one is being abused. The truth is, if you ignore the situation then there are increased chances that your loved one could suffer severe or fatal injuries. If you find evidence of abuse then you need to report the care facility that your loved one is […]

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Elder Abuse from an Unlikely Source

If you have an elderly loved one living in an elder care facility then you might be concerned about your loved one being a victim of abuse. While most nursing homes and elder care facilities are reputable institutions, there is an increasing belief that elder abuse could be coming from other residents.
Types of Abuse
So what […]

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Ways to Check on a Elderly Loved One’s Health and Safety

Elder abuse is a huge problem. If you have an elderly loved one in a extended care or nursing home then you may be looking for ways to ensure that your loved one is not a victim of abuse. Here are some ways that you can check up on them without being overly intrusive.
Take a […]

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Take a Financial Inventory

If you are caring for or have elderly loved ones, then one of the most important topics can be their finances. Do not get blindsided by assuming that your elderly loved ones are well taken care of only to find that they don’t have the resources to be able to handle medical costs or long […]

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Preparing a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease then now is the time to start planning for the future. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that will eventually rob you or your loved one of your ability to make critical decisions, which is why it is important to start now to get […]

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Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage

There seems to be a controversy over reverse mortgages and if they are actually a benefit to the elderly. Just like with any product offered, there are upsides and downsides to having a reverse mortgage. If you are having cash flow issues and would like to investigate the advantages that a reverse mortgage can provide, […]

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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Having a carefully planned estate can help to ease the pain of your family during a trying time, as well as make sure that your final wishes are carried out in the manner that you wish them to. However, when planning your estate, it is easy to make some common mistakes. Look out for these […]

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