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Are Your Records in Order? Medicaid Wants to Know

Applying for Medicaid is a difficult process.  Since the application process requires a detailed accounting of all of financial information you have over a certain period of time, you are going to need to have records of all financial transactions.  A lifetime of saving typically yields a complex mix of bank, retirement, pension and savings accounts.  That is why you might want to consider streamlining your records for the Medicaid application process.


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Are you Waiting to See What will Happen?

Planning for the future can be hard, particularly when facing topics like long term care or what happens after you are gone. This leads many elderly Americans to put off planning for the future and taking a wait and see approach. There is a serious problem with taking this path. If you have not carefully planned for the future then you can end up causing long term financial harm to your loved ones. Don’t wait to see the assets you worked your life for drained away in medical care, plan ahead.


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Does Having Health Insurance Prevent me From Using Medicaid?

One of the most confusing, yet important, things about aging are what health benefits you may have access to. There are many rumors about how one set of coverage may affect or deny you access to another set of coverage. Most of them are false. The fact is that even if you are currently covered by Medicare, your own health insurance plan, or carry supplemental insurance it does not stop you from having access to Medicaid Benefits.


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Medicare and Medicaid Laws Leave Most People Confused

So you are trying to find out what sorts of coverage you might have under Medicare or Medicaid. Maybe you are attempting to investigate a claim that was denied or partially denied for some reason. Possibly you are just figuring out which is the proper form to fill out. Whatever it is you are trying to do you have come to one major conclusion; Medicare and Medicaid laws are just downright confusing.

Don’t worry, you are not alone on this.


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Geriatric Care Management

As people age it can become more difficult for them to remain in their home. This can be due to any number of factors including lowering of cognitive functioning, health issues or other physical limitations. Unfortunately for many seniors, their home is a much better place for them to age than an assisted care facility. Typically this is due to financial situation, but it can also be for other reasons.


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Estate Planning is About You

Are you single, have no children or no close next of kin? Then you may think the idea of estate planning is really something you don’t need to worry about. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Estate planning is really as much about you as it is about what you leave your next of kin. Here are some reasons why you should have an estate plan regardless of your family status.


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Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia?

We have all had what we would call a senior moment. Forgetting a well-known name, place, or even the directions to somewhere familiar happens to all of us; more frequently as we age. Dementia on the other hand is a serious disease that may require special care. How can you tell the difference between MCI and Dementia? Here are some signs of each.


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Bequeathing Leisure to your Next of Kin

When we think of things that we are going to leave behind when we are gone, leisure may not be one of them. Leaving airline miles and vacation homes to your next of kin are very common occurrences. If you are considering leaving your family vacation home or your airline miles to your next of kin, here are some things to consider.


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Be Careful with your Firearms

Do you have an extensive firearm collection that you would like to leave to your beneficiaries after you are gone? A collection like that can be very valuable and a great family heirloom. There are some very strict laws that govern who can and who cannot have firearms. While these laws vary greatly from state to state, here are some things to keep in mind when putting firearms into a will.


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Are You Ready for Medicare?

Medicare is an important part of every senior’s retirement plan. In fact, if you are retired then Medicare is one of the only ways that you can get health care paid for. That is why being ready for your enrollment is so critical. Here are some things to remember about enrolling for Medicare.


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