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Ten Facts About Estate Planning

Planning your estate requires making the right detailed decisions and it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Read ten facts you need to know about handling your affairs, why it’s necessary to plan early and how an estate planning lawyer can help. […]

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It’s Never Too Soon to Plan Your Estate

Planning your estate is of vital importance to the future of the loved ones you leave behind. With the right help it’s not a difficult process, though there are legal complications that arise. Unfortunately, far too many people put it off for years and then, one day it’s too late and their heirs have to [...]

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What to Do About Abuse of Power of Attorney

Choosing a power of attorney is an important part of every estate plan. The person who is granted power of attorney has the ability to speak for an elderly person who has given them that right. This means in financial, medical and most legal matters. […]

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Estate Planning Food for Thought

Looking to work on your estate plan? It always helps to have an idea of what it is you would like to accomplish with your estate plan before you head into to your elder law attorney’s office. It helps to drive the conversation as well as provide a direction for your estate plan to proceed [...]

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Making an Estate Plan for the Blended Family

Estate planning can be complicated for anyone. If you have a non-traditional or blended family, it can be even more complicated. A blended family adds additional emotional, legal and logistical challenges to estate planning. Fortunately you can avoid issues by taking some steps to ensure that the right protective measures are in place. If you’re [...]

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The Necessities of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a subject that many people avoid talking about. Nobody wants to think about the end of their life or no longer being around. While it is going to happen to everyone, people don’t want to admit it is going to happen to them. Unfortunately this means that many people do not have [...]

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Tips for Having the Estate Planning Talk

It is never too early (or too late) to start talking about estate planning. While the topic can be a difficult one to approach with your parents or elderly loved ones, it needs to happen.Without the proper estate plan in place, you may be waiting to make decisions that can no longer be made by [...]

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Being Mentally Prepared for an Estate Plan Conference

You’ve suddenly realized that you need to have an estate plan. We all know that nobody really wants to think about what is going to happen when they are too sick to make decisions for themselves—or when they are gone. That can make estate planning stressful and frustrating, but it does not have to be [...]

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Social Security and Taxes

Did you know that there may be instances where you are taxed on your Social Security benefits? Depending on what kind of retirement accounts you are drawing from there is a risk that your benefits could add to your total income increasing the amount you must pay in taxes. Here is some information to keep [...]