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Financial Products, Your Estate Planning Attorney and You

When people begin planning their estate for late-life or end-of-life needs, they are often bombarded with options for financial products. While your estate planning attorney isn’t strictly a financial advisor and generally doesn’t offer financial products directly, they can play a vital role in helping you decide on the best products for your needs. You [...]

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The Importance of Planning Ahead While Healthy

Nobody likes to think about end-of-life planning. It means facing your mortality and the mortality of those you love. However, there may come a time when the plans you make are vital to protecting your heirs and even yourself. The right planning can reduce the stress and difficulties you’ll face as you age. The best [...]

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Estate and Medical Planning for People with Alzheimer’s

When a loved one gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it’s a devastating time. You don’t know how long you have, or if the illness can be effectively managed. More than that, there’s limited time to make vital decisions about their health and future needs. As difficult as it is to face this news, the time to [...]

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Making the Decision to Place Your Parent in Long-Term Care

It’s never an easy decision when you choose to place your parent in a long-term care facility. Of course, nobody wants to take this step. It means admitting that your parent or other senior loved one needs more care than you can give them. It means, in many situations, facing the anger and betrayal of [...]

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How to Select Your Power of Attorney

Imagine giving someone the power to make your important medical decisions when you could not. To let this person work with your family as a friend an advocate for your needs. You were so sure it would be fine, But it wasn't, The person closed down and refused to share any information. Your spouse or [...]

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Why Personal Care Agreements are a Must

Many people find themselves as a family caretaker for an elderly loved one at some point in their lives. They are often not paid anything for this care, which may not be an issue initially. However, if this situation lasts for years, it can affect the care recipient's ability to receive Medicaid assistance. If a [...]

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Should I Sell My House to My Children?

There’s a bit of common wisdom, an urban legend, really, that says selling your house to your kids is the best way to protect it when you go into a nursing home. There is a well-founded fear about losing your assets to Medicaid. However, there’s a lot of reasons why transferring your home into your [...]

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Does Your Spouse Need Long-Term Care Coverage?

Long-term care coverage can be a vital form of insurance to carry as you get older, but many times a married couple can’t afford to carry this coverage for both spouses. What are they to do in this case? You can never tell who is going to fall ill and when. Going by pure statistics, [...]

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Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parent

Your parents took care of all of your needs when you were a child, and they guided you into the adult you are now. Isn’t it only fair that you take care of them as well when they begin to slip in their old age? After all, it’s not their fault and you’re in a [...]

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