It’s never an easy decision when you choose to place your parent in a long-term care facility. Of course, nobody wants to take this step. It means admitting that your parent or other senior loved one needs more care than you can give them. It means, in many situations, facing the anger and betrayal of your senior parent, who won’t want to leave their home.

It also means placing your loved one’s life and health in the hands of strangers who you hope are caring and qualified enough to handle the job. Even with all of these stressors, however, it’s something that has to be done, and the first step is to let go of your own guilt. Learn about making the decision to place your parent in long-term care, and how the right estate planning attorney can help the process.

Have the Discussion about Your Parent and Long-Term Care

The most important thing to do when it comes to your parent and long-term care such as a nursing home or assisted living facility is to have the discussion early. Talk with your parent before the situation gets too dire. Find out what their desires are, and under what circumstances you should make the call.

Address the potential needs up front, and talk about what your parent would like to see if the need arises. You might be surprised to discover that if you have the discussion in advance, your mom or dad will be much more receptive to the idea, and it allows everyone to prepare in advance. You can even research long-term care facilities together so you can get a feel for the exact facility they want, or at least the kind of place they prefer.

Let Go of the Guilt

It’s not uncommon for people to feel very guilty about putting their parent in a home. It’s natural, but it’s also not something you should hold onto. You’re not being malicious and you’re not being selfish. You are, in fact, keeping your mom or dad’s best interests in mind by placing them in a facility where they’ll receive the care they need by trained medical professionals.

When you can’t provide the care they need, you’re doing what’s right for them by placing them with those who can. So let go of the guilt; it’s okay to make this call.

Protect Their Assets with an Estate Planning Attorney

One of the biggest risks in placing a parent in long-term care like a nursing home or assisted living community is the seizure of assets. These facilities can take the assets of their patients to help cover the costs of treatment. There are, however, ways that you can protect assets from being taken in this manner.

By working with a qualified and experienced estate planning attorney, you can set up your senior parent’s assets so that they won’t have to worry about losing them, and they will be there to pass on when your parent passes away. If you’re in the Cuyahoga County area of Ohio and you’d like more information, contact the attorneys at Stano Law today.