Healthcare costs get higher every year. With so many itemizations in the Explanation of Benefits (EOB), it almost seems as though you have to be a medical detective to figure it all out. However, there are ways that seniors and caregivers can make sure that all out-of-pocket expenses are legitimate. Use this guide by the Stano Law Firm, with the top elder law lawyers in Cuyahoga County, to ensure that you are not being billed incorrectly for medical expenses.    

Check the Basics

Make sure that every bill you receive has your correct information. Bills should have your name, address, the dates of the services and the services provided. The bill may also list your insurance company the facility has on record for you, so double check that as well. This is especially important if you have a primary and a secondary insurer, or if you recently changed your insurance carrier.

Understand the Charges

Medical bills are hard for many people to understand because they contain many confusing medical billing codes. If you cannot understand something, do not automatically pay for it Instead, request that your provider send you an itemized bill so you can better understand exactly what they claim that you owe. Read the itemized bill carefully and ensure that you actually did receive all the services you are being billed for. According to Grow from Acorns, as of June 2017, an estimated 49 to 80 percent of all medical bills have errors.

Ensure that the EOB Matches the Bill

Always have an EOB to compare to the actual bill before you make a payment. If you do receive an EOB, your insurance company is still processing the claim and has not yet determined how much your portion of the bill will be. You should receive an EOB around the same time that you receive the corresponding medical bill. The EOB should state what the provider is going to bill you for your services. If you compare the EOB against the amount you were actually billed for and there is a discrepancy, that is a clear indication that something in the bill is wrong.

Be Persistent Until There is Resolution

If you find a red flags in the EOB, medical bill or both, immediately call the provider along with your insurance company so the issue can be resolved. Be polite, but do not relent. It is also vital that you document each phone call. Make a call log with the date, time and name of each person you speak with, including anyone you are transferred to in another department. Follow up persistently until you receive a revised bill with all errors corrected. If you need an elder law lawyer in Cuyahoga County, contact us today.