Elder law attorneys can be your best ally in planning and protecting you as you approach your golden years. They serve as advocates for seniors and their loved ones. Most are knowledgeable and experienced in a range of legal issues that affect disabled and elderly people. These include issues that relate to planning for health care, long term care, retirement, guardianship, powers of attorney, Social Security and a variety of other issues.

In brief, elder law lawyers are focused on the specific issues that come with aging and disabilities. However, they can be helpful even to younger people looking to plan for their end of life needs. Discover the many services that you can receive from elder law attorneys, what they do, and how they protect you, your loved ones, and your assets.

What Do Elder Law Attorneys Do?

Elder Law attorneys focus their services on the needs of seniors and older adults. These needs are often quite different than those of younger people. They deal with vital issues related to estate planning and financial matters. They also help with day-to-day senior care issues, including issues that go along with life planning and assisted living.

They are experienced in dealing with the very sensitive issues that come with addressing the physical and emotional needs of disabled seniors, and are equipped to handle a range of tricky situations.

Elder Law Attorney Services

Elder law attorneys help you with a range of issues. These can include estate planning and ensuring that your loved ones receive the assets you intend. They can help you create a power of attorney in case you become indisposed and can’t make decisions for yourself. They can help you plan for your health care needs, dealing with Medicare and Medicaid issues.

They can offer financial representation and planning services, including setting up a durable financial power of attorney. They can help with housing and tax matters. They can set up guardianship for minors or disabled adults. They can deal with nursing home rights and issues of elder abuse. They can help you to draft a living will or advance directives.

Finding the Right Elder Law Attorney

When you start looking for an elder law attorney you want to ask the right questions. Look for someone that’s experienced in practicing law, the percentage of time they devote to elder law issues, and their focus on specific elder law issues that are important to you. When you call to set up your first consultation, find out what information you need to bring to your first meeting, and discuss their fee structure up front.

Finding the right elder law attorney requires some research and most importantly, how you feel after a meeting. You want a lawyer with whom you can feel comfortable, who you can trust to always have your back and protect your rights. You want someone with the experience and knowledge to pursue any needs while protecting your rights every step of the way.

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