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Planning for Retirement in 2017

Many people put off retirement savings for far too long and before they know it, it’s too late and they have no nest egg to fall back upon when age 65 hits. For some it’s because they don’t have a retirement plan through their job. For others, they might think they can’t afford the contributions. [...]

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Securing Your Pet’s Safety as You Age

There’s one aspect of elder estate planning that almost nobody thinks about until it’s far too late, and that’s what will happen to pets that are left behind. Pets are living creatures who need care and shelter, and they do develop attachments to their owners. It’s important to address what will happen to pets after [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Purging Your Senior Loved One’s Papers

Many seniors tend to develop hoarding habits after a while. This can make it very difficult to keep them organized, which can become a major problem when the time comes to find important paperwork regarding medical information, financial information and other records. The problem is that for most elderly people, they’re not sure what is [...]

4 Steps to Take When Your Parent is Hospitalized

When your senior parent is placed in the hospital, it’s a scary time. You tend to panic a lot more when an elderly loved one is hospitalized than when a younger person is. After all, any minor illness could prove far more serious in the elderly than in the young. There are so many decisions [...]

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How to Prevent Environmental Illness for Seniors

Developing an illness from one’s environment can happen to just about anyone. This form of illness is often called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or MCS. No matter what your age, you can come down with this sort of sickness, which can change your entire life. Unfortunately, seniors can be particularly susceptible to this sort of thing. [...]

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Why Elderly Abandonment Is an Issue and How to Avoid It

Elder abandonment is a serious problem in our society and many thousands of people every year suffer from the consequences of this issue. Whether it’s neglect, irresponsibility or malicious action, it’s an issue that has to be addressed, as it can threaten any family who has the responsibility of caring for a senior. Understand why [...]

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Death with Dignity Act: What You Need to Know

Death with Dignity laws are an important aspect of senior end-of-life planning. These laws allow adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent to request prescription medication which can hasten their death, instead of prolonging their life. Currently, Ohio does not have such a law on the books; however, a bill is expected to be [...]

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4 Low-Impact Exercises to Keep Seniors Healthy

It doesn’t matter how old you are, exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you get older, it’s even more vital to your longevity. However, seniors can’t always do the kinds of high-impact aerobics and weight training in which younger people engage, and they need to pursue a different routine of health and [...]

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Do You Want to Blend Into Your Blended Family

It’s called a “Blended Family.”  You’re in one and may or may not even be familiar with the term!  It’s when a man or woman gets married and the respective spouses bring children into the union.  Go back 20, 30 or 40 years and this arrangement wasn’t quite as common.  Today statistics show over 50% [...]

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The Four Steps to Successfully Putting Your Blended Family Asset and Estate Planning Process Together

One day you’re single with children (either grown or growing up way too fast right before your eyes), and the next thing you know you’ve gotten married and your spouse has children as well. Congratulations!  You’re now part of what’s commonly referred to these days as a “Blended Family.”  Actually being in a Blended Family [...]

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