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Long-Term Care Mistakes: What Not to Do

As you or a loved one grows older, there’s nothing more important than planning your long-term care. However, many people are unprepared for just how complicated planning long-term care can be, leading them to make mistakes that could have been prevented. Whether you’re interested in protecting your assets, applying for government benefits like Medicaid, or [...]

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Who Has the Capacity to Make a Will?

One of the most important areas of elder law is protecting your assets with a will. Having a will in order means your estate will be handled in the way that you wish. However, writing a will can be extremely complicated, and there are several issues that can result in your will being challenged, including [...]

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Remaining Socially Engaged with Age

One of the key things that makes aging more difficult is the fact that we tend to lose touch with the things that are going on in the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean current events — one can watch the evening news for that. It means current social trends, and the ways people connect as [...]

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The Dangers of Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy is a legal concept that many partners, whether romantic couples or business partners, use to avoid probate when one passes away. It’s also referred to as JTWROS, or joint tenants with rights of survivorship. It allows partners to retain equal rights to any assets under the tenancy without having to go through legal [...]

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The Basics of Estate Planning for Singles

For the most part, people who think about estate planning are those who have entire families to consider. However, those who are single also have concerns as they look to their futures, and estate planning is vital to everyone’s future. The approach that singles will need to take to such vital plans is very different [...]

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The Healthcare Debate, Medicare and Medicaid

If you take fifteen seconds to look at social media these days, you’ll see wild predictions of doom and gloom, of hundreds of thousands of people dying in the street without healthcare. You’ll hear people saying Senator John McCain betrayed them by voting to take away their healthcare. The truth is, none of this is [...]

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Modern Issues in Estate Planning

As with just about every aspect of elder law, estate planning issues are constantly evolving and changing. Protecting your assets is more important than ever before. There are issues involving gifts, income taxes, estate transfers, powers of attorney, special needs beneficiaries and more. Making the right choices is essential for not just ensuring that you [...]

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Evolving Issues in Elder Law

There are a skyrocketing number of seniors in the United States. As a result, our retirement institutions are under unprecedented strain. It’s no wonder that many young, millennial and middle-aged people are wondering if there’s going to be anything left for them by the time they reach retirement age, and that so many seniors are [...]

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Estate Planning and Charitable Contributions

Recent developments in estate planning involve major shifts in how the IRS deals with taxable property, gifts, and generation skipping taxes. These new rulings have come down over the past couple of years, and with the current administration in place, it may be likely that we’ll see more changes in policy. Understanding how taxes work [...]

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