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Remarriage and Estate Planning

With the high divorce rate all over the nation, it’s quite common for people to marry more than once. While it’s a regular enough occurrence, there are a lot of complications that can come with a second marriage which people may not consider right away. These involve family issues, child raising issues, financial ones, and, [...]

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Choosing the Right Senior Care Facility for Your Loved One

When you need to put your senior loved one into a care facility, it’s vital that you find the right place for them to live. This can be incredibly stressful. It doesn’t matter whether your parent needs severe medical care or just needs to downsize their lives due to problems living independently. But how can [...]

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Making Holidays Special With Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

Putting your loved ones in a long term care facility like a nursing home is a stressful time and it can put a lot of strain on your family. Your father or mother might be angry and bitter about being relocated. They might feel alone and alienated. When the holiday season comes around it can [...]

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Beware of Medicare Fraud and Scams

While many older Americans are embracing technology, far too many are simply unfamiliar with how it works or the dangers it can carry. Even those who are active on social medial have been victim to scams, and there are a lot of criminals out there who are looking to get their hands on your information, [...]

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The Benefit of Pre-Planning

Too many people think that estate planning is something that only the rich do. In truth, just about everyone has assets, and those assets could be in danger without a pre-plan. Even before you pass on, however, pre-planning can ensure that you are protected as you near your golden years. It can guarantee your bills [...]

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Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home

Nobody wants to put their elderly loved one in a home. It’s a horrible, stressful time. You have to face the fact that they can’t care for themselves, and that you can’t provide them the care that they need. That’s when you have to turn to professionals. Placing your parent or other elderly loved one [...]

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Guide to Medicaid Planning for Single or Widowed Individuals

Medicaid is a vital benefit for millions of people all over the United States, especially when you’re in dire need of medical expenses to cover home health care, assisted living services, nursing home stays or other expenses. Simply assuming this coverage will be there, however, can be a mistake. As with any government program, you [...]

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When You Should Update Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is one of the most useful legal tools that you can possess. When your estate plan is written correctly, you will be able to protect your assets and make sure that your wishes are honored as you grow older. Like most legal documents, however, an estate plan is a reflection of your [...]

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How to Deal With Credit Cards of the Deceased

When a loved one passes away, there are several issues that need to be handled, including making funeral arrangements and dealing with their estate. However, there is one issue that many people fail to consider after the death of a family member: What happens to their credit cards? Debt is a very complicated issue, and [...]

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Long-Term Care Mistakes: What Not to Do

As you or a loved one grows older, there’s nothing more important than planning your long-term care. However, many people are unprepared for just how complicated planning long-term care can be, leading them to make mistakes that could have been prevented. Whether you’re interested in protecting your assets, applying for government benefits like Medicaid, or [...]

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