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4 Red Flags Your Senior Is Experiencing Fraud

Fraud and scams are a real danger to senior citizens, who are seen by scammers as easy prey for their schemes. The reason is that elders tend to be more trusting and less cynical than younger people. In addition, scammers view them as more naïve, not as educated on the latest methods and technology, which [...]

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Knowing When It’s Time for a Nursing Home

Placing your elder loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision. Many seniors, when they are moved to long term care facilities, feel abandoned and alone. You also face the fact that you’re placing the health, care and well-being of someone you care for very deeply, into the hands of strangers you [...]

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Finding a Good In-Home Caretaker in Ohio

As seniors age, it becomes crucial to make sure their needs are met in terms of medical requirements, comfort, and sometimes just engaging in basic hygiene and daily tasks. For many, the answer does not lie in placing a loved one in a care facility. Many seniors want to stay in their home and live [...]

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5 Activities to Keep Seniors’ Brains Sharp

Many people live in dread of senility or dementia, whether it’s their own advancing age or their loved ones. Keeping the brain properly stimulated is essential at all ages, but perhaps at no stage of life more than during the senior years. As we age, we naturally experience a marked decrease in learning ability, particularly [...]

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How to Avoid Probate in Ohio

Probate court proceedings can truly be a nightmare for those who simply want to deal with the traumatic passing of a loved one, get the estate settled, and try to move on with their lives. These proceedings can be costly, confusing and take months or even years to come to a close. There are, however, [...]

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Helping Your Senior Loved One Take Care of Taxes

Tax time is here again! It’s that few months of the year that the vast majority of us dread. How much of a refund will we get this year? What if we make a mistake? Do we have all the paperwork we need? What if the IRS decides to audit us? It’s a stressful time [...]

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Planning for Retirement in 2017

Many people put off retirement savings for far too long and before they know it, it’s too late and they have no nest egg to fall back upon when age 65 hits. For some it’s because they don’t have a retirement plan through their job. For others, they might think they can’t afford the contributions. [...]

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Securing Your Pet’s Safety as You Age

There’s one aspect of elder estate planning that almost nobody thinks about until it’s far too late, and that’s what will happen to pets that are left behind. Pets are living creatures who need care and shelter, and they do develop attachments to their owners. It’s important to address what will happen to pets after [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Purging Your Senior Loved One’s Papers

Many seniors tend to develop hoarding habits after a while. This can make it very difficult to keep them organized, which can become a major problem when the time comes to find important paperwork regarding medical information, financial information and other records. The problem is that for most elderly people, they’re not sure what is [...]

4 Steps to Take When Your Parent is Hospitalized

When your senior parent is placed in the hospital, it’s a scary time. You tend to panic a lot more when an elderly loved one is hospitalized than when a younger person is. After all, any minor illness could prove far more serious in the elderly than in the young. There are so many decisions [...]

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