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Our Promise to You During COVID-19/Coronavirus Here at The Stano Law Firm, our practice is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable in our community.  This includes seniors, veterans and their families. Because your health and safety are so important to us, we’ve put several precautionary measures in place to keep everyone safe. Here are [...]

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Ensuring Your Elder Loved One Isn’t Being Scammed

Scammers are an epidemic today. There are all kinds of despicable people out there who live to take advantage of innocent and vulnerable individuals. Some of those most vulnerable to such schemes and scams are the elderly. If the idea of someone scamming your parent is horrific and disgusting to you, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, [...]

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Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

It’s never an easy decision, placing your senior parent into a long-term care facility. Nobody wants to give up their home that they’ve put their whole life into, and face the fact that they need ongoing help with their daily living. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary, and when this does happen there are many choices [...]

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Common Questions and Answers about Supplemental Needs Trusts

Supplemental needs trusts can be exceptionally useful when planning your estate. These trusts, which provide funds to benefit a spouse who becomes disabled and is in need of long-term care benefits, can be essential in protecting your loved one’s assets while still ensuring they get the care they need. Read over some common questions and [...]

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How to Identify Elder Abuse

Placing your senior parent or elderly loved one into a nursing home or other long-term care facility involves trusting an entire network of professionals to provide for their needs. From hygiene to daily tasks to medication to exercise and socialization, these facilities need to be well-staffed and full-service. When so many people get involved, the [...]

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4 Red Flags Your Senior Is Experiencing Fraud

Fraud and scams are a real danger to senior citizens, who are seen by scammers as easy prey for their schemes. The reason is that elders tend to be more trusting and less cynical than younger people. In addition, scammers view them as more naïve, not as educated on the latest methods and technology, which [...]

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Death with Dignity Act: What You Need to Know

Death with Dignity laws are an important aspect of senior end-of-life planning. These laws allow adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent to request prescription medication which can hasten their death, instead of prolonging their life. Currently, Ohio does not have such a law on the books; however, a bill is expected to be [...]

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Medicaid Benefits: The Importance of a Caregiver Contract

The idea of a caregiver contract may seem unfamiliar or even alien at first to those who step up to provide care for their loved one or parent who has become disabled. Many feel like when your loved one gets hurt, it’s simply your responsibility to help them out without compensation. Unfortunately, this can tear [...]

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Changes in Medicaid: Why Working with an Attorney is Important

We’re facing an uncertain future. The Affordable Care Act will very likely be repealed, but what will happen after that, nobody can tell. This could carry serious implications for Medicaid programs. Explore the potential changes in Medicaid under the incoming administration, what seniors can expect, and how an attorney can help. […]

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Forced into Early Retirement

With the ever-rising cost of living, more and more people are working later into their lives, which is what makes early retirement such an unfortunate circumstance. Being forced into early retirement can be one of the most stressful times in your life, throwing you into economic turmoil and possibly leaving you confused as to how [...]

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