Scammers are an epidemic today. There are all kinds of despicable people out there who live to take advantage of innocent and vulnerable individuals. Some of those most vulnerable to such schemes and scams are the elderly. If the idea of someone scamming your parent is horrific and disgusting to you, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and the best you can do is try to protect them.

Taking the right preventative measures is essential to stop scammers before they even get started. It’s way easier to prevent scams from the start than it is to deal with the consequences of one. Learn how to ensure that your elder loved ones aren’t the victims of scammers, and how Cleveland elder law lawyers can provide vital guidance on these issues.

Protecting Seniors from Scams

The reason that seniors are so prone to victimization by scammers is that they tend not to be up to date on the latest technology and developments. We live in a world where technology is progressing faster than it ever has in history, and it’s very easy for people to get left behind. That’s why from phone calls to powers of attorney and computer hacking, seniors are very vulnerable to identity theft and financial scams. It’s important to take the right steps to protect them.

Personal Information Scams

The most common form of scam out there involves scammers trying to trick your parent into revealing personal information for use in fraudulent purposes like identity theft. Talk to your parents and be sure that they know never, ever to divulge personal information over the phone or online. Reassure them that no legitimate authority will ever demand these things in such a way, and advise them to call you before taking any action.

Discount Drug Cards

Discount drug cards can be a miracle to seniors who don’t have a lot of insurance coverage. There are also, however, scammers that will sell phony cards that simply don’t work. Tell your senior parent to only get discount drug cards from Medicare or from their legitimate doctor. Anywhere else is untrustworthy.

Protecting Phone Numbers

Protecting your parent’s phone number can be helpful in reducing scam calls. The first step is to place their number on the Federal “Do Not Call” list. While this won’t stop scammers, it will let your parent know that someone calling them is ignoring the list and as such is a potential threat. Second, get their number unpublished. This goes beyond unlisted, and means that their phone number doesn’t appear anywhere and scammers will have a much harder time getting hold of it.

Talk to Cleveland Elder Law Lawyers

Working with experienced Cleveland elder law lawyers is an important step. Attorneys can help set up trusts to protect your senior’s assets, and they can help you get set up with a power of attorney to provide further protections.

A power of attorney will enable you to help share in your parent’s financial decisions and provide another level of defense against scams. If you’d like more information on how Cleveland elder law lawyers can protect your loved one from scammers, call Stano Law for a consultation today.