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Death with Dignity Act: What You Need to Know

Death with Dignity laws are an important aspect of senior end-of-life planning. These laws allow adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent to request prescription medication which can hasten their death, instead of prolonging their life. Currently, Ohio does not have such a law on the books; however, a bill is expected to be [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Age Discrimination

As people grow older, they expect to be treated with dignity and respect, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, due to ageism, many senior workers find themselves struggling against age discrimination, both in trying to obtain and retain employment. No matter how old you are, age discrimination is wrong, hurtful and, in many cases illegal. Fortunately, [...]

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Changes to Expect in Social Security for 2017

For seniors who depend on their Social Security benefits to survive, the end of the year is often fraught with worry as Social Security recipients await possible changes to their benefits in the new year. While 2016 brought inconvenient changes that caused many seniors to alter their economic strategies, 2017’s Social Security changes are looking [...]

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What is the Windfall Elimination Provision

If you are near retirement you may be looking into what kind of social security benefits you are going to be eligible for. One of the things you may have come across is the Windfall Elimination Provision? This can affect the benefits that you are going to receive from Social Security. What is the Windfall [...]

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Tax Breaks for Caregivers

Are you caring for an elderly loved one or parent? Then you may be wondering if expenses that were incurred during that care can be used as a tax write off. You might also be wondering if you can claim your elderly loved one as a dependent. There are some ways that you can claim [...]

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Reconsider Cosigning That Loan

The older you get, the more stable you are financially.  Planning for retirement provides a large platform for that stability.  This means that your stability can be seen as a good way to provide help to loved ones or friends who might need a cosigner for a loan.  Before you cosign, you might want to [...]

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Social Security and Taxes

Did you know that there may be instances where you are taxed on your Social Security benefits? Depending on what kind of retirement accounts you are drawing from there is a risk that your benefits could add to your total income increasing the amount you must pay in taxes. Here is some information to keep [...]

Tips to Make the Most of your Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are an important part of many people’s retirement finances. Because of this you want to be able to maximize the benefits that you are going to be receiving. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your benefits. […]

Filing Early for Your Spouse

The spousal benefit can be a pretty confusing part of your Social Security benefits. For example, if you are a primary earner, but your low income earning spouse (who happens to be older than you) wishes to collect their spousal benefits based on your income they may not be able to. […]

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