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Veterans in Ohio: Getting the Most of Your Benefits

In the United States, perhaps more than in many other countries, we place a lot of value on our veterans. It’s unfortunately sometimes not shown by the public, or by easy access to the services available, but we’re meant to honor those who put their lives on the line to represent and defend our nation’s [...]

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How the VA Factors in Disability for Benefits and Social Security

Many veterans are left confused and in the cold wondering how they can collect the benefits they’ve been promised and to which they’re entitled after suffering a serious injury in the course of service to their country. The VA takes a close look at various disability-related factors in determining eligibility for benefits and social security. [...]

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Are You Eligible for the Veteran Aid and Attendance Pension?

There are a ton of resources available to our returning veterans, especially those of senior age and their spouses. Unfortunately, many of these are not widely known and it can be confusing to find them. Among these aids are those that are specifically designed to help with the expenses of assisted living when basic daily [...]

Veterans’ Benefits: Know Your Rights

In the United States we hold our veterans sacred and appreciate everything they put on the line to protect our rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, when they come home they sometimes need help protecting their own rights when the VA and other agencies don’t follow through with the benefits to which they are entitled. Learn about [...]

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Quick Guide to Veterans Benefits

If you are an elderly Veteran who is struggling to make ends meet, you may be missing out on a huge source of benefits that are available to you. Veterans may qualify for a whole host of benefits that can help not only the individual, but their spouses and dependents, as well. If you haven’t [...]

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HSAs and Medicare

Do you or your spouse have a health savings account or an HSA? They are a great benefit that can be coupled with a high deductible insurance plan that is offered by many companies. You may be wondering how your HSA might interact with Medicare or Medicare benefits. Let’s take a look. […]

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