In the United States we hold our veterans sacred and appreciate everything they put on the line to protect our rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, when they come home they sometimes need help protecting their own rights when the VA and other agencies don’t follow through with the benefits to which they are entitled. Learn about the important veterans benefits you can access if you’ve served in the armed forces, and how an elder law attorney can protect your rights.

Veterans Benefits

U.S. Armed Forces veterans’ benefits are an important and necessary part of serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or any branch of the armed services. These benefits are many and include compensation for disability, pension, reduced-cost medical care, support for PTSD and even educational assistance and loan programs. The Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, administers these benefits.


The tricky part is determining eligibility for benefits, and this is a loophole that is unfortunately too often exploited. The government has never issued a legal definition for what a military veteran is, so each benefit tends to have its own requirements. Home loans for veterans, for example, require a specific period of active service during armed conflict. Veterans who received a dishonorable discharge often lose access to all benefits.

Disability Benefits

To receive disability benefits, the VA requires a disability related to service of at least 10 percent. Benefits can range anywhere from $127 to over $3,000, but it depends on your level of disability as determined by the VA. Applying for disability requires your discharge papers, service treatment records, and medical evidence that you are disabled. You can apply online or on paper.

Military Pension

Pension is an essential military benefit under the VA, and many older vets rely upon it to make ends meet. This program is needs-based, and recipients must have a permanent disability, or limited income combined with an inability to hold down a job. There are a number of other qualifications for pension. These include 90 days of active service, at least one day of which was served during wartime. Vets must also be at least 65, and if not permanently disabled, must live in a nursing home, be on SSDI or be receiving SSI.


Military vets are eligible for free or reduced-cost healthcare from VA medical facilities. Under the law, the VA must provide all necessary care for vets in need. Unfortunately, in recent years there have been a wealth of problems with VA health care, with many vets dreading visiting these facilities. This is where a veterans’ benefits and elder law attorney can come into the picture.

Veterans Elder Law Attorney

It’s a shame that so many veterans have such difficulty collecting benefits after the sacrifices they make. A qualified veterans’ benefits and elder law attorney can step in to help you collect the benefits to which you’re entitled as a veteran of our armed forces. If you are having difficulty collecting necessary benefits, call on Stano Law to discuss the specifics of your case today.