A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most devastating pieces of news anyone can face. It turns your life upside down and hammers home a lot of things. Among these is the necessity to plan your future. When the time comes that your affairs have to be settled, you definitely want things in order according to your wishes. Learn the steps to take to create an Alzheimer’s plan for the future, and the ways in which an elder law attorney can help.

Alzheimer’s Plan for the Future

When you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, plan for the future starting right away. There are a number of issues you will want to clear up while you are still in a state of mind to do so. These include fundamental legal, financial, medical and end-of-life issues which it should be your decision to settle and not someone else’s.

Legal Planning

Legal planning is vital to not just your future, but your family and loved ones’ future as well. When the time comes, make sure you speak to a qualified elder law attorney to ensure that you have an understanding of all legal documents including your will. Make any updates you need to make, be sure that your finances and property are clearly accounted for, and appoint someone you trust to make necessary decisions that arise should you become incapable of doing so.

Financial Planning

Financial planning goes hand-in-hand with legal planning. You need to make sure that your needs are taken care of, and that there’s something left behind for your heirs to settle your estate. Work with a financial planner to identify the costs of your care and work to create a plan for it to be covered.

Look into insurance policies and potential government benefits to help. If you’re a veteran, check into VA benefits. Make sure that the person you appoint to help you meet your financial responsibilities is trustworthy.

Medical and Care Planning

Build a strong team of people who can help take care of you when you need it. This should include not just medical professionals but family, friends and others in your local community who can step in to help you with daily tasks should these become too difficult to manage.

End of Life Planning

End of life planning is a vital part of your financial, legal and medical plan. You need to make sure that you have a will in place, that your funerary and medical expenses are covered, and that your estate can be settled without conflict.

Elder Law Attorney

When you are facing a devastating illness like Alzheimer’s, planning for the future becomes an essential part of your next step. Since every aspect from financial to medical to care involves legalities, your best ally is a qualified elder law attorney. If you live in Ohio and need help with your Alzheimer’s or other elder law issues, we are ready to help. Contact Stano Law Firm for more information and an evaluation of your case and needs today.