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Financial Products, Your Estate Planning Attorney and You

When people begin planning their estate for late-life or end-of-life needs, they are often bombarded with options for financial products. While your estate planning attorney isn’t strictly a financial advisor and generally doesn’t offer financial products directly, they can play a vital role in helping you decide on the best products for your needs. You [...]

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Evolving Issues in Elder Law

There are a skyrocketing number of seniors in the United States. As a result, our retirement institutions are under unprecedented strain. It’s no wonder that many young, millennial and middle-aged people are wondering if there’s going to be anything left for them by the time they reach retirement age, and that so many seniors are [...]

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Can I Be Evicted from a Nursing Home?

Moving into a nursing home is a stressful and scary thing for a senior citizen. You’re moving out of a home you have had for decades, where your kids grew up, and into a place where someone else is going to be responsible for all your daily needs. Then the worst happens just as you’re [...]

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How to Identify Elder Abuse

Placing your senior parent or elderly loved one into a nursing home or other long-term care facility involves trusting an entire network of professionals to provide for their needs. From hygiene to daily tasks to medication to exercise and socialization, these facilities need to be well-staffed and full-service. When so many people get involved, the [...]

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What to Do if You Suspect Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a serious problem in our society. Despite our best efforts, and despite rising knowledge and awareness, we can’t control everyone in the world and no matter how stringent the security measures we take, there’s always someone that slips through. It can be very scary to place your beloved senior parent or loved [...]

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Death with Dignity Act: What You Need to Know

Death with Dignity laws are an important aspect of senior end-of-life planning. These laws allow adults who are terminally ill and mentally competent to request prescription medication which can hasten their death, instead of prolonging their life. Currently, Ohio does not have such a law on the books; however, a bill is expected to be [...]

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Supporting Your Grieving Parent

Losing a loved one is one of the most trying times of a person’s life, especially when that person is your partner of multiple decades. After one of your parents has passed, the surviving parent will often be left in a state of limbo, wracked with grief and struggling to move on. For children, even [...]

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Are You Eligible for the Veteran Aid and Attendance Pension?

There are a ton of resources available to our returning veterans, especially those of senior age and their spouses. Unfortunately, many of these are not widely known and it can be confusing to find them. Among these aids are those that are specifically designed to help with the expenses of assisted living when basic daily [...]

How to Balance a Family Member’s Independence and Safety

We have a responsibility to our senior relatives to make sure that they are safe in their elder years. The question that many people face is how to fulfill this responsibility while still allowing their relatives to remain independent. Read some tips and advice balancing senior safety and independence for your elder loved ones, and [...]

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Caregiver Benefits: Receiving Help for Caring for Elder Parents

Let’s be honest: it’s really difficult and stressful acting as a caregiver for elderly parents. There is absolutely no shame in admitting this. It takes a lot of time out of your life, it can make work difficult and it can sometimes make it very hard to fulfill your own responsibilities. […]

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