The seminar was very worthwhile. There was a lot of information presented. I especially went to learn more about long-term care insurance, and also annuities. I’ve got a brother in a nursing home, and I know it’s quite expensive to be there. Being older, I don’t want to be in a position where I can’t afford it. I’m in good health now but you never know. Mr. Stano explains what your best steps are

Harold F., North Royalton, OH

I don’t know how Paul could’ve done any better in terms of how he presented the seminar. It was outstanding and very informative. My husband and I wanted to go to see what our options are. I’m also just about finished reading Paul’s book Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home, which we received for attending the seminar. It’s also very informative. We do plan on scheduling a time to come to his office and talk.

Marinell G., North Olmsted, OH

The seminar was very good. I know Mr. Stano because he previously worked on my mother’s estate. I’m getting to the point in life where I need to start thinking about these things as well, so I wanted to attend the seminar to begin the learning process. It was very informative.

Patricia L., Lakewood, OH

Paul delivered real good information. I wanted to go to the seminar to find out about things that will help in the future. I have a good friend who recently suffered a massive stroke. He’s now in a nursing home and it looks like he’s going to lose everything. I don’t want that to happen to me. I definitely plan on following up and going to see Paul

Jeff M., Parma, OH

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to put together a sound financial plan for our mothers than what Paul Stano provided for us. Both of them wound up requiring care, Richard’s mother in a nursing home and Sandy’s in assisted living. Paul held our hands throughout the entire process, and wound up saving a great deal of money from the estate. It was well worth our time and the investment to go to see him. It would have been a financial nightmare if we hadn’t! We first learned about Paul because he was recommended to us by a couple of different people. In turn, we don’t hesitate to recommend his services to others because he’s that good with what he can do for you. In fact, we are going back to work with Paul again to help with Sandy’s sister and her present caregiving needs. We want to make sure her assets are protected in the face of what she may require. There was no question that Paul Stano was who we’d go see for this. He has been wonderful!

Richard a., Fairview Park, OH

Very useful information. Many different topics were covered. I was particularly interested in what Paul Stano had to say about asset protection which was the main reason I went to the seminar. I’ve already scheduled a follow-up consultation with him. I’d absolutely recommend that you attend this seminar

Norm R., Medina, OH

Mr. Stano’s seminar was very informative. I’d previously gone through a situation when my mother was in a nursing home. We were having to figure out the best way to pay for her care, what with the things the government wants you to do in order to become eligible for benefits. That’s why my husband and I want to be prepared in case we’re ever in a position of requiring nursing home care. We don’t want our money to have to go to pay for this. The seminar provided us with some real alternatives to make sure our assets are protected from these expenses.

Gail G.

I enjoyed the seminar very much. My husband and I attended because we wanted to find out more about how you can get VA benefits to help pay for long-term care for those who served and their spouses. We learned a lot.

Kathleen G., Cleveland, OH

Mr. Stano’s seminar was very well presented. It was full of useful information. I’m glad I attended. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking to find out where they stand and what they need to do

Alan H., Middleburg Heights, OH

Going to the seminar was a nice experience. I needed to get some information on Wills. I learned a lot. I’d suggest going to discover for yourself what Paul Stano can help you find out.”

Lucille B., Parma, OH