We couldn’t have asked for a better person to put together a sound financial plan for our mothers than what Paul Stano provided for us. Both of them wound up requiring care, Richard’s mother in a nursing home and Sandy’s in assisted living. Paul held our hands throughout the entire process, and wound up saving a great deal of money from the estate. It was well worth our time and the investment to go to see him. It would have been a financial nightmare if we hadn’t! We first learned about Paul because he was recommended to us by a couple of different people. In turn, we don’t hesitate to recommend his services to others because he’s that good with what he can do for you. In fact we are going back to work with Paul again to help with Sandy’s sister and her present caregiving needs. We want to make sure her assets are protected in the face of what she may require. There was no question that Paul Stano was who we’d go see for this. He has been wonderful!

Richard a., Fairview Park, OH

It was a well thought out, organized seminar. I learned a lot especially for my own personal LTC planning is clearly lacking. I came to find out how to help my mother who just recently moved in with me after showing signs of dementia from a UTI. I plan on making an appointment with your firm to see what else I can do for her. Too little, too late I’m afraid. I’m going to try to read the book that you gave out. Thank you for putting on such an informative seminar.

Leslie N.

We found it very informative and it left us wanting to know more about protecting our assets and using strategies to accomplish that goal. The last part of the seminar went a little too fast and we would have liked to hear more. I understand that you had a time frame in which to work, but maybe you could have had a short (10 minute) break before starting the second part of the program. Also, it was difficult for me to see the screen. There was a taller woman blocking my view. Perhaps positioning the screen a little higher if possible. My husband and I requested the free consultation and are looking forward to meeting with you. Thank you very much.

Diane G.

The seminar was very informative and quite eye-opening. It made me realize the importance of protecting my assets.

Silvia T.

I have been fortunate to have worked with Paul Stano for over 10 years, assisting his clients in the accounting and tax preparation for the irrevocable trusts he has designed to aid families in the preservation and management of their aging relative’s assets. The irrevocable trusts have resulted in preserving assets that result in a step-up in basis for the beneficiaries of the estate, resulting in less income taxes when later sold. I lost count of the number of clients that have made unsolicited comments as to how pleased they are to have found Paul

Don J., CPA, Kiplinger & Co., Strongsville, OH

My father originally went to Paul Stano to have a will prepared. However after his health began to change, we needed to get things in place to help him enter assisted living and have these expenses paid for. Mr. Stano took care of everything for us, including getting him VA benefits. I would’ve had no idea how to go about doing this. He saved me so much aggravation and heartache. My father took care of me for many years growing up, and I wanted to make sure I took care of him when the time came. Mr. Stano helped me do this. I talk to others who think it’s very simple to get VA benefits. But they have no idea how difficult this can be. I tell folks to let Paul Stano do it for them. He gets things done so smoothly.

Karen G., Parma, OH

I’ve found Paul Stano to be a wonderful asset for our nursing facility’s residents and families. He excelled in assisting our residents to obtain Medicaid and VA benefits. He has also helped families during the trying time of dispersing funds and getting things in proper financial order to preserve assets and pay for long-term care. Paul’s friendly and down-to-earth. He’s also very dedicated to helping people in the region become better educated on the importance of pre-planning for long-term care. It’s a good investment to go and see him

Kimberly C., Administrator, Pearlview Care Center, Brunswick, OH

Anytime one has an opportunity to expand their scope of understanding concerning the complexities of finance with the numerous facets of retirement is occasion that must be taken advantage of. Both gentleman conducting the presentation appeared to be exceeding knowledgeable and complement the other. I would recommend attending such a event and exploring the advantages of utilizing their talents to secure your assets in the decades to come.

Jerry B.

I’ve known Paul Stano for many years, and still use his services to this day. He’s helped my family and me in so many ways. He’s done living wills and estate planning for me. Then as my parents got up in years, I called upon Paul to help develop a game plan to help pay for future long-term care expenses for them if needed, and he remained their attorney for the rest of their lives. Paul was involved every step of the way drawing up wills and trusts for them, and then assisting with things like Medicaid and obtaining VA benefits. When both my parents required long-term care, Paul was a master at making sure these costs were covered, plus he was able to make sure there was some money left in their estate to be left to my sister and I, which my parents wanted very much to occur. The entire process was very complex. If you’re not careful, you can lose a lot of money paying for healthcare costs. You need someone by your side to help figure everything out, and to be able to successfully navigate through the process. Paul Stano was that man. He handled everything from A-Z and did it in expert fashion. It’s great to know he’ll be there for me when I need him again in the future.

Bruce K., Cleveland, OH

Paul Stano is a fantastic resource for families who are looking at what their options maybe when it comes to the best care possible for themselves or their loved ones. In our home healthcare business, we face situations where individuals eventually may need to move from receiving care at home into an assisted living or a nursing facility. It’s important to know your options on Medicaid, or if you can qualify for VA benefits so you can figure out what your next step can be. Paul can help people receive additional income or benefits they may not have known were available to help pay for long-term care. He can also help people protect a considerable amount of their assets from going to pay for nursing home expenses. I’ve invited several of my clients to go to his seminars, I’ve attended myself and I can tell you get a lot of great information there. Paul is someone that you can trust and someone who can bring comfort in knowing has helped you identify all your options before making a final decision on where or how you life’s journey continues.

Neil G., Administrator, Always Best Care, Berea, OH