Paul Stano is a very nice and compassionate man. He’s was of tremendous help to us in doing some trust planning for my now late mother. Because of him we didn’t have to pay any of her medical bills because all was taken care of. Actually this is the second time I’ve called upon Mr. Stano’s services. He helped with my father a few years back. I never hesitate to recommend Paul Stano to others. I sent my friend to him and she’s also very satisfied.

Louise D.

Both speakers sold themselves because of their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Robert S.

Important up to date info, I wish I new about a few years earlier. Setting up appointment to get the right steps going. Very good folks

Russ S.

Very informative and easy to follow because of all the visual graphics.

Nick K.

The information on option with our 401Ks and life insurance used for long term health.

Douglas M.

I was very impressed with the material and the presentation was great. It was exactly the information I needed. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone that cares about their future.

Kevin S.

My parents who lived out of state were dealing with a big dilemma around their estate and elder care planning. They had worked for decades, saved as much as they could so that they would not be a burden on their children and so that they would be prepared for any challenges that came up (such as needing nursing home care).

I felt completely unprepared for this and had no idea how I could help my parents deal with this. Another concern I had was getting the information and education I needed knowing that I would NOT be able to hire a local attorney- since my parents are in another state.

I was so impressed! I got an appointment the week I called and Paul took nearly an hour to ask me questions so that he would have a good understanding of what my parents’ goals might be.

I learned so much more than I can even share in this short space. I can only tell you that he was extremely caring and generous with his time and information. Not only that, but he referred me to a colleague in the state where my parents lived!

I feel like I have a real advocate in Paul and his team at the Stano Law firm and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking answers and results in this very confusing and overwhelming space.

Two things he told me that I will never forget and that I will pass on to you —
1. When you’re out of money, then you’re out of options — so you never want to be of either.
2. There is a law for the informed and a law for the uninformed — you definitely want to be INFORMED.

Paul and his team will help you achieve your elder and life care goals. He did for me and my family.

When it’s my turn (and that won’t be long) I’ll be coming to Stano Law.

Avvo Iv.

Paul and his staff are very on top of everything and very friendly and kind. He is top notch.

Avvo Su.

The Medicaid process is very complicated!  There’s just no way for the average person to get it done on their own. That’s why my wife and I turned to Paul Stano to get this accomplished for her aunt.   He got the results we were after.  He came highly recommended to us from other satisfied clients.   There’s no reason to go it alone when you have someone like Paul Stano available to help. Other attorneys may claim to know what’s needed to get Medicaid but Paul Stano has it all down.  He’s the best at what he does!

Raymond L., North Royalton, OH

Peace of Mind is priceless, Stop guessing Paul has helped my Family and many Family First Caregiver Families over the past seven years. It seems many people “have a friend that told me…” about how to handle long term care, Medicaid and protecting assets. I strongly encourage ALL Families to at the very least ask a professional. Does anyone ever “ask a friend” if they think they have a broken ankle? NO! They go to a professional –the doctor. Paul is my voice of reason when people ask me to offer my “best guess.” Thank You Paul! Jim

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