Paul Stano is a fantastic resource for families who are looking at what their options maybe when it comes to the best care possible for themselves or their loved ones. In our home healthcare business, we face situations where individuals eventually may need to move from receiving care at home into an assisted living or a nursing facility. It’s important to know your options on Medicaid, or if you can qualify for VA benefits so you can figure out what your next step can be. Paul can help people receive additional income or benefits they may not have known were available to help pay for long-term care. He can also help people protect a considerable amount of their assets from going to pay for nursing home expenses. I’ve invited several of my clients to go to his seminars, I’ve attended myself and I can tell you get a lot of great information there. Paul is someone that you can trust and someone who can bring comfort in knowing has helped you identify all your options before making a final decision on where or how you life’s journey continues.

Neil Golli, Administrator, Always Best Care, Berea, OH

I can’t begin to thank Paul for all that he did for my two sisters and me regarding our mother’s situation. Paul and his staff were so helpful and considerate. They welcomed me in, led me by the hand, and took me through the process that subsequently wound up saving my sisters and me tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare bills. At the time my mother was facing some serious healthcare challenges that involved hospital care, followed by a nursing home stay, and then finally hospice care. I couldn’t believe it when my sisters and I were told that the amount of money we wound up owing for her hospital, nursing home and hospice care was zero. We had no unpaid bills for these services. This was thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses, and we owed no money. What a relief! You can’t put a price tag on that kind of peace of mind. And it was all because of what Paul Stano accomplished because of his hard work. He was able to put in place for us with the proper documents to make sure things were covered. I couldn’t ask for better service or better results. Thank you Paul and his great team!

Tony Sapienza

I’ve found Paul Stano very easy to work with. He is very easy to talk to. Paul is a total professional who’s provided a valuable service to our clients over the years, in areas such as pre-planning for a funeral where Medicaid issues come into play. End of life planning is never easy. It’s a multi-tiered process where you need several qualified individuals involved to work with the family. I’m glad to be able to call on Paul for his valued contributions here. My clients have been very satisfied with the way he gets results for them.

Justin Zabor, President/CEO, Co-Owner Zabor Funeral Home, Parma, OH

“We all benefit from having the services of the Stano Law Firm available. Not only is Paul Stano an excellent choice for an elder law attorney, he is a great advocate for seniors and a trusted educator in the community. Thank you for your service to us.”

Google Laurie T

Paul Stano is a very nice and compassionate man. He’s was of tremendous help to us in doing some trust planning for my now late mother. Because of him we didn’t have to pay any of her medical bills because all was taken care of. Actually this is the second time I’ve called upon Mr. Stano’s services. He helped with my father a few years back. I never hesitate to recommend Paul Stano to others. I sent my friend to him and she’s also very satisfied.

Louise M. DiRuggiero

Both speakers sold themselves because of their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Robert S Szymanski

Important up to date info, I wish I new about a few years earlier. Setting up appointment to get the right steps going. Very good folks

Russ Schaefer

Very informative and easy to follow because of all the visual graphics.

Nick Kolozsi

The information on option with our 401Ks and life insurance used for long term health.

Douglas Magale

I was very impressed with the material and the presentation was great. It was exactly the information I needed. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone that cares about their future.

Kevin St. Clergy