Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and disability among senior citizens. A fall that for a younger person might take a week to heal, can in some cases take a year or more, and even result in permanent disability for an older person.

It’s important to know what to do if your senior loved one has such an accident, to get them cared for properly, to expedite their recovery, and to get any damages and compensation they deserve from the accident. Being proactive is absolutely essential in these cases. Learn the 10 steps to take after an accident when a senior injured in a fall needs help, and the importance of a qualified senior law attorney in your case.

Be Proactive when Senior Injured in a Fall

There are several major reasons why you need to be proactive when a senior injured in a fall needs help. Any fall for a senior could be a sign or the cause of a new medical problem, which can need major treatment.

When an older adult falls, they’re more likely to fall again, and doctors are overworked and may not be as thorough as they should be unless you, the caregiver, are proactive in asking the right questions. It’s on you to make sure that your senior loved one is seen as a person and not a statistic.

Taking the Right Steps

When your loved one falls and gets hurt, take the right steps and make sure the doctor takes the right steps. Get your loved one medical attention right away, and make sure the following things are addressed:

  1. Make sure the doctor examines for any new and underlying causes or conditions, including cardiovascular and neurological problems
  2. Get pulse and blood pressure both when sitting and standing
  3. Have bloodwork done, including a CBC (complete blood cell count), kidney functions, electrolytes and any other abnormalities, and get explanations.
  4. Review your loved one’s medications and the side effects that might contribute to problems
  5. Have the doctor assess your loved one’s balance and gait
  6. Check vitamin and nutrient levels
  7. Check for vision and podiatry problems
  8. Settle wills, estate planning and powers of attorney
  9. Assess their home accessibility needs. Will they need in-home care?
  10. Talk with your attorney

Talking to an Attorney

Talking with your attorney isn’t a medical requirement but can be just as vital to keeping your loved one safe in the future. Particularly if their fall was the fault of someone else’s negligence, they could be entitled to medical coverage for their accident. In addition, you could have cause to seek disability care through Social Security or other sources. The only way to know which path to take is to have qualified and experienced legal advice.

The attorneys and legal professionals at Stano Law have decades of combined experience addressing the legal issues that arise with old age. We protect the rights of seniors throughout Ohio, and we want to help you make the right decisions for you. For more information, give us a call today.