Many people live in dread of senility or dementia, whether it’s their own advancing age or their loved ones. Keeping the brain properly stimulated is essential at all ages, but perhaps at no stage of life more than during the senior years. As we age, we naturally experience a marked decrease in learning ability, particularly at certain specific ages, and there’s nothing that can be done about that. However, there are ways you can maintain and even improve your mental function as you age. Explore these 5 outstanding brain stimulation activities for seniors that can help to stave off mental atrophy that occurs during retirement years.

Games: Brain Stimulating Activities for Seniors

There are two different ways to approach keeping the brain stimulated, and for many, the best results come from a combination of the two. The first, and that with which many seniors may be most comfortable, is through the use of a pen and paper. Crossword puzzles, word-finds, Sudoku, and other brain teasers and puzzles can be a great help.

The second option is to use video games! We live in a digital age, and while many seniors at first may be frightened of computer use, there are thousands of fun games out there that can build skills and even awaken a new excitement for technology.

Getting Creative

Engaging in the creative arts is an outstanding way to stimulate the brain and keep it sharp. Whether it’s making music, sketching, painting, poetry, or writing the next great American novel, the benefits of creative activity cannot be understated. Studies have shown a direct correlation, for example, between music and math skills. Writing will keep critical thinking skills and problem solving strong, as well as improving and maintaining vocabulary skills.


Reading is a great way to expand the imagination and help with decision-making and critical thinking skills. What is important, however, is to appreciate what you read. Those who constantly critique and complain about what they experience tend to see lowered brain potential. That’s right—staying positive is actually good for your brain!


Few people associate gardening with brain power, but not only is it great for decision-making, knowledge retention and attention skills, it’s great for improving vitamin D levels by being out in the sun. Vitamin D is essential to brain function and balancing hormones in the brain. Spending some time in the garden will calm a person down, while also stimulating cognitive function.


We all need a constant flow of oxygen to our bodies to keep everything functioning at its highest level. Many seniors become lax in staying active, which leads to the entire body breaking down, including the brain. The more exercise you get, the better off you’ll be.

There you have it: five solid ways to keep the brain functioning at peak levels well into the senior years. Of course, another vital aspect of a senior’s life is to engage in proper estate planning, and getting it right when it comes to your will or trusts requires the best legal help. If you’re in Ohio and would like help in this area, contact the attorneys at Stano Law today.