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Do You Want to Blend Into Your Blended Family

It’s called a “Blended Family.”  You’re in one and may or may not even be familiar with the term!  It’s when a man or woman gets married and the respective spouses bring children into the union.  Go back 20, 30 or 40 years and this arrangement wasn’t quite as common.  Today statistics show over 50% [...]

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The Four Steps to Successfully Putting Your Blended Family Asset and Estate Planning Process Together

One day you’re single with children (either grown or growing up way too fast right before your eyes), and the next thing you know you’ve gotten married and your spouse has children as well. Congratulations!  You’re now part of what’s commonly referred to these days as a “Blended Family.”  Actually being in a Blended Family [...]

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Planning Ahead: What to Prepare When You’re Still Healthy

Planning for the future isn’t something many people think about. This is especially true when you’re planning for your twilight years. No one wants to face mortality, but being prepared for it can make those elder years far more pleasant and stress-free, and it doesn’t take much to accomplish. Explore those aspects of your future [...]

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Take the Blended Family Quiz

Statistics show that over 50 percent of families in the United States are part of a “Blended Family.”  Here, both spouses have brought children from a previous marriage into the new union. As you can imagine, whenever there’s a merger of people into a new family dynamic, there are new challenges which must be addressed. [...]

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Estate Planning Steps for Blended Families in Ohio

Till Death Do You Part: Steps Blended Family Spouses Must Take to Avoid Future Heartache Joe and Martha Dunn were in their 60’s when they met, fell in love, and eventually married.  Both believed they’d spend the rest of their lives together, and they did.   It was the second marriage for each.  Joe and Martha’s [...]

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Estate Planning for Blended Families in Cleveland, Ohio

The Brady Bunch made it look so simple!  Widowed mother (played by the recently departed Florence Henderson) with three daughters married a widower with three sons.  They all rode off into the sunset together handling an array of challenges such as who got the last piece of pie, or which group of kids was able [...]

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In The Spirit of the Holidays

As we approach one of the most joyous times of the year, I’d like to pass along a special request that if acted upon will actually become a blessing for you as much as other people involved. With Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa fast approaching our thoughts turn to spending time with family and friends, and [...]

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