Alzheimer’s Disease is a terrifying disease. It’s an illness that can take someone from a comfortable, familiar and loving presence to a complete stranger, and it seemingly happens overnight. Nobody likes to think about it, but it’s of vital importance that you prepare for it, since it can strike anyone as they age.

We still don’t know enough about the illness or how to stop it, which means it’s essential to take the right steps to plan for the potential eventuality of it. Learn the early signs of Alzheimer’s, and how Cleveland estate planning lawyers can help you make the right plans and decisions to protect you and yours.

Disruptive Memory Loss

The first warning sign of Alzheimer’s is memory loss that is disruptive to one’s life. When people forget important things like paying bills, when they lose track of thoughts at critical moments, when they have to repeatedly ask for information they were just given. These are all potential signs of the illness. You may also notice people have difficulty expressing themselves in writing or verbally, or even carrying on a conversation.

Problem Solving Difficulties

When people have difficulty doing simple math, following logical trains of thought, establishing or sticking to plans, and accomplishing basic everyday tasks, this can be a symptom of a dementia illness. When concentrating and solving simple problems becomes an issue it should be seen as a red flag. Trouble with spatial awareness, color differentiation or even reading are also red flags.

Losing Track of Things

Tied closely to memory loss and problem solving, when someone has a problem keeping track of their possessions or remembering when they need to be somewhere, this is a problem. If they forget where they are or how they got there, that’s a big flag. Accusing others of theft when they’ve simply misplaced an object can also be a sign.

Personal Hygiene Problems

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia often see their personal hygiene slip. If they are no longer engaging in basic grooming, if they fail to bathe, if they have problems getting to the bathroom, these are all signs they should see a doctor.

Personality and Mood Shifts

Personality and mood shifts are a common sign of Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice your loved one becoming suspicious, aggressive, fearful, confused, depressed or easily flustered whenever they get out of their normal comfort area, and avoiding social situations, it’s time to consult a doctor .

When to Call Cleveland Estate Planning Lawyers

If you haven’t undertaken estate and final planning already, it’s vital as soon as the illness begins to present, that you call on the help of Cleveland estate planning lawyers for help. Make sure that all of your senior loved one’s financial and healthcare decisions are documented and seen to. Ensure that their final wishes for their estate are covered.

Getting this done efficiently and without error requires the help of the right attorney. This process can give both you and your loved one peace of mind in knowing that their finances are protected and their wishes covered. Contact Stano Law for a consultation today.