Adjusting to life in a long-term care facility or nursing home can be really hard for a senior. Many younger people have a hard time understanding why their elderly loved ones are suddenly so grumpy and unwilling to simply adapt, but the truth is that it’s not an easy experience for anyone.

There are, however, things you can do to help the senior in your life to adapt to life in the nursing home and improve their experience this. Read about some ways you can improve your senior’s nursing home experience this summer, and when to call an elder abuse attorney for help.

Watch for Signs of Abuse

None of us want to think about our senior loved ones experiencing abuse or exploitation at the hands of the healthcare professionals who are supposed to be helping them out. However, turning a blind eye is the worst thing you can do. Watch for the senior to become withdrawn and despondent, to show uncommon aggression or anger. Look for unexplained injuries, skittishness or unwillingness to be touched. Keep an eye out for unexplained drains on their finances.

Watch out for care workers to avoid letting you be alone or to behave in suspicious or threatening ways towards your parent. If you suspect improper behavior or abuse, report it to the authorities immediately.

Help to Ensure Comfort

Do what you can to keep your parent comfortable. Bring their favorite possessions from home. If they have a favorite pillow or blanket, this can help. Gather up their favorite photos and possessions, and help them organize their room to make it feel more like home. A sense of familiarity can be important.

Decorate for the Season

It’s summer time! If the home allows it, bring flowers into the room. Decorate with bright colors to celebrate the season. Bright colors equate to a bright mood, and can go a long way towards helping them to enjoy their experience settling in.

Visit Regularly

This can’t be stressed enough. There is nothing worse than someone placing a parent in a home and then just leaving them alone. Even if they seem like they don’t want you around, it’s probably just a reaction to the changing situation.

Visit, and visit often. This will keep you in their thoughts and show them that you still care. One of the biggest fears they might have is that of abandonment, and just having you around will help to assuage that concern.

Talk with an Elder Law Attorney

Having the right advice and legal protections in place are absolutely essential. Long term care can be very expensive and paying for it can be stressful without the right planning. You’ll want to get the best legal advice to protect their assets and estate, while still arranging to pay the bills.

The right elder law attorney can also help to protect against abuse and exploitation, but placing safeguards on finances and helping you to keep an eye on things. They can also get you help in case the unthinkable does happen. If you’re in Cuyahoga County and need help with elder law issues, contact Stano Law today.