We have all had what we would call a senior moment. Forgetting a well-known name, place, or even the directions to somewhere familiar happens to all of us; more frequently as we age. Dementia on the other hand is a serious disease that may require special care. How can you tell the difference between MCI and Dementia? Here are some signs of each.

Common indications of Dementia

Dementia is a serious condition. It may start off as mild forgetfulness but will increase in severity over time. Dementia sufferers will have trouble thinking clearly. They will find it hard, or be unable, to do everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking, bathing and driving. More cognitive function will be lost as the disease progresses. Someone suffering from dementia will eventually need assisted care or to be placed in a care providing facility.

Signs of MCI

Do you find that you or your elderly loved one is constantly misplacing things? What about forgetting to show up for a dinner date or a birthday party? Are they having trouble coming up with names, places or events that they should clearly know? All of these can be indications of MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The best way to see what sort of memory or cognitive issues you or your loved one are having is by seeing a health care professional. They can assist or administer tests that will properly diagnose the condition.

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