Developing an illness from one’s environment can happen to just about anyone. This form of illness is often called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or MCS. No matter what your age, you can come down with this sort of sickness, which can change your entire life. Unfortunately, seniors can be particularly susceptible to this sort of thing.

On the up side, there are things you can do, in order to prevent your elderly loved one from suffering from illness due to their environment. Learn how to prevent environmental illness for seniors, from managing space to recognizing symptoms, and why estate planning can be vital for your family.

What Is Environmental Illness?

Environmental illness refers to a variety of illnesses and health conditions that can be contracted from the area around you. Even those with very healthy lifestyles can be susceptible to this sickness, and the most common form is called MCS, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. On the rise among the U.S. population, it’s a real danger and the elderly can be especially vulnerable to the problem.

Why It’s a Danger for Seniors

As we get older, no matter how hard we’ve worked to maintain our health and lifestyle, our bodies don’t handle infection and disease as well as they did when we were young. This can lead to increased sensitivity to any of the more than 20 million chemicals we come into contact with all the time. As these chemicals build up in our body, it can either become tolerant, or it can become more sensitive, resulting in severe allergic reactions.

Recognizing Symptoms

It’s vital to recognize the symptoms of environmental illness early, as the sooner it’s recognized, the more effectively it can be treated. If your senior loved one seems to be suffering from frequent colds, constant irritation of their arthritis, severe allergic reactions or constant illness, you should have them examined immediately. Early attention is the key to wellness.

Controlling the Environment

It’s important to control the environment to keep these illnesses from manifesting in the first place. Eating organic foods can help to avoid pesticides and processed chemicals. The more natural the diet, the healthier you’ll be.

Try to avoid harsh chemicals which may have detrimental effects, like paints, pesticides, synthetic fabrics, bedding and clothing, chemical herbicides in the garden and chemical cleaners, and even many mainstream brands of cosmetics. You’d be surprised when you look just how many all-natural alternatives are available that are much less dangerous to the body.

Plan for the Future

Of course, it’s just as important to plan for the future. When an illness does strike, it can be devastating and very quickly rob a senior of their ability to make the best decisions for their needs. With the help of an estate planning attorney, you can have provisions in place including living wills and medical power of attorney that can be vital to making sure someone is able to make the call when the unthinkable happens.

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