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Reasons You Need Estate Planning Even Without the Death Tax

Many people are excited about the elimination of the federal estate tax with the proposed new tax reform plan put forth by the White House. This plan, if it passes, will greatly simplify tax processes for people across the board, but especially when it comes to dealing with estate planning services. There will be fewer [...]

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Choosing the Right Senior Care Facility for Your Loved One

When you need to put your senior loved one into a care facility, it’s vital that you find the right place for them to live. This can be incredibly stressful. It doesn’t matter whether your parent needs severe medical care or just needs to downsize their lives due to problems living independently. But how can [...]

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Making Holidays Special With Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

Putting your loved ones in a long term care facility like a nursing home is a stressful time and it can put a lot of strain on your family. Your father or mother might be angry and bitter about being relocated. They might feel alone and alienated. When the holiday season comes around it can [...]

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Beware of Medicare Fraud and Scams

While many older Americans are embracing technology, far too many are simply unfamiliar with how it works or the dangers it can carry. Even those who are active on social medial have been victim to scams, and there are a lot of criminals out there who are looking to get their hands on your information, [...]

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Remaining Socially Engaged with Age

One of the key things that makes aging more difficult is the fact that we tend to lose touch with the things that are going on in the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean current events — one can watch the evening news for that. It means current social trends, and the ways people connect as [...]

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The Dangers of Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy is a legal concept that many partners, whether romantic couples or business partners, use to avoid probate when one passes away. It’s also referred to as JTWROS, or joint tenants with rights of survivorship. It allows partners to retain equal rights to any assets under the tenancy without having to go through legal [...]

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The Basics of Estate Planning for Singles

For the most part, people who think about estate planning are those who have entire families to consider. However, those who are single also have concerns as they look to their futures, and estate planning is vital to everyone’s future. The approach that singles will need to take to such vital plans is very different [...]

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How to Plan the Transition from Home to Assisted Living

The decision to move into a long-term care or assisted living facility is a huge one, and it’s one that rarely occurs without some conflict and disagreement. Your elder parent might insist that they don’t need help, that you can handle their extra needs, or that you’re just trying to get rid of them. In [...]

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Living Will or Power of Attorney: Which is Right for You?

Making the right choice for ensuring your medical needs are taken care of, should you become incapacitated, is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. In general, there are two ways to handle this and spare your loved ones the agony of not knowing what to do. These two options are the [...]

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