It may be hard to believe but many elder folk suffer abuse at the hands of the people who are supposed to be caring for them. Issues can develop if your elderly loved one cannot communicate the abuse that is taking place to you. Many might not even realize that they are being abused.

Keep watch vigilantly for your loved ones. Look for these signs that may be an indication elder abuse is taking place.


Signs of Physical Abuse

Signs of physical abuse can be the most obvious to spot. Any unexplained injuries – like bruises, welts, new scars or cuts can be signs of abuse. If they occur symmetrically on the body this can be even further indication that they are intentional and not accidental.

Other signs of physical abuse might be trips to a hospital due to broken bones or dislocations that may be explained away as falls. Keep a watch on medication to ensure that it is being taken as prescribed. If there are leftover pills when it is time for a refill or more frequent refills than should be necessary this can also indicate abuse.

Finally, if caretakers are reluctant to allow you to spend time with your elderly loved one alone this can be an obvious indication that something like physical abuse is occurring. There is no reason for a caregiver to refuse your personal time with your loved one.


Signs of Financial Abuse

Another common form of elder abuse is financial abuse. The elderly are easily confused or taken advantage of by unethical caregivers and criminals alike.

Signs of financial abuse tend to manifest in either the accumulation of large amounts of debt or large withdrawals from savings and retirement accounts. This can indicate that the money is not being used in the best interests of your elderly loved one.

Other indications may be a sudden change in a will, trust or estate plan. Items of value such as jewelry that disappear all of a sudden. Subscriptions to services that can’t possibly be used by that person or even ATM withdrawals that occur at times when it would be impossible for them to have been done by the owner of the accounts.


Signs of Neglect

Another more insidious form of abuse is neglect. This is simply when your loved one is not being given the level of care, or sometimes, even the basic care, that they need to survive.

Signs of neglect can show up as weight loss, dehydration or malnutrition that occurs suddenly when there is no indication of another cause for them. Dirty clothes, bugs, and overall unclean living conditions are also an indication of neglect.

Not having the proper clothing for the weather or tattered and worn clothing can also be an indication of neglect.


Suspect Neglect or Abuse?

If you suspect that your elderly loved one may be the victim of abuse, contact the expert legal team at Stano Law group today.