In the United States, perhaps more than in many other countries, we place a lot of value on our veterans. It’s unfortunately sometimes not shown by the public, or by easy access to the services available, but we’re meant to honor those who put their lives on the line to represent and defend our nation’s ideals.

To that end, while they’re not always obvious or clear, there are a great deal of special benefits available to help veterans returning from active duty, but you need to know where to find them and how to get them. With Memorial Day just around the corner, learn about Ohio veterans benefits, what options are available that you may not be aware exist, and how an elder law attorney can help you apply.

The Veterans Bonus

Those vets who have served more than 3 months (90 days) of active duty in Afghanistan, Iraq or the Persian Gulf and have received an honorable discharge may be eligible for a cash bonus. They must have lived in Ohio when they entered the service, and must still live there when they apply. This benefit can be up to $100 per month of active duty, with a maximum total of $1,000.

Injury Relief

Ohio maintains a Military Injury Relief Fund to help injured service members with one-time payouts. This fund is available to those who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom or new Dawn, and covers conditions like physical injury, TBI and PTSD.

County Veterans Service

Each county maintains a veterans service office that can help vets and their families in time of need through short-term financial assistance. This can include transportation to medical appointments at the VA.

Safety Officers College Memorial Fund

This fund is designed to help spouses and children of service members who were killed in the line of duty during Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom. It provides tuition waivers at participating Ohio schools and colleges, and is available to those eligible for the War Orphans Scholarship.

War Orphans Scholarship

This scholarship fund is available to the children of veterans who died or became otherwise severely disabled while serving in a declared war or conflict. It provides tuition assistance at eligible Ohio colleges and universities, and is available to those under the age of 25.

Housing Help

Housing assistance is available to veterans in Ohio through the Ohio Heroes Program, the Hardest-Hit Fund, and other agencies who seek to help first-time buyers and other veterans who need help purchasing a house or paying mortgage. The HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) can help veterans in need of utility bills assistance.

Other Ohio Veterans Benefits

Ohio veterans may be eligible for a range of other benefits, including funeral expenses, free hunting licenses, behavioral health services, legal services, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health services, estate planning, tax breaks and more.

One of your best resources for finding and securing veterans benefits is a local veterans attorney. Attorneys like those at Stano Law have experience in dealing with veterans benefits in Ohio, and can both advise you on what’s available, and help you get the aid you need. Give us a call to consult on what benefits might be available to help you today.