The words “bucket list” have become synonymous with the best life has to offer.  It was the title of a popular movie a few years back, and has become part of the jargon of our times.  Most of us have a bucket list, things if asked, we’d say we would like to do and experience before we depart this earth.

bucket list

What’s on your bucket list?  Take a few moments and ponder the question, and the pleasure that would come as you are able to cross things off as you go through life.  Some may wish to travel to far off places; other may wish to say they were able to do more with charitable causes or do more for their children and grandchildren.

Certainly, if asked next, what’s the main drawback from accomplishing what’s on that bucket list, many folks would answer things such as “money” or “health” or maybe even both.

As people age, factors such as money and health take on an even greater importance because in many minds, the lack of good health can lead to an eventual lack of money.  I’ve seen this very scenario play out many times through the years.  And yet for a great many people, it’s never too late to become proactive with one’s finances and to set up a game-plan to best be ready for any health challenge that could someday affect your assets and bank account.

Have you given this much thought?  Likewise for those in the healthcare sector, what is your game-plan to help those individuals who let’s say visit your assisted living or nursing facility in search of answers?   Your responsibility here can be rather intimidating, if you’re not properly prepared.  And certainly you want to be.

That’s why at the Stano Law Firm, we look to assist all parties involved with the healthcare and asset protection journey.  For those assisted living and nursing home staff members, we provide a special outreach program headed by Barb Kornuc, a former long-term care staff member herself.  And for those of you looking to receive answers, we provide them for you via our free seminar presentations at the Stano Senior Resource Center.

Indeed you are not alone!  There’s still time to work on your bucket list and get the help you need to make it possible.  For more details call us at 440-888-6448 or visit us at